Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming Party {Cutest Cupcakes!}

My sister-n-law Christy made the cutest cupcakes for Collin and Corynn's birthday party on Saturday. I just had to share these pictures. How totally cute are these cupcakes? The shark fins were a big hit with the kids. I couldn't get over the bears in bikinis. Each one was different!!! Not only were they cute, they were delicious too! Great inspiration for anyone planning a pool party this summer.


  1. HI :O)
    love the pictures. I was wondering if your sister in law had any tips for a pool party, my baby girl is turning one and her party themed is beach/ pool party i need some help thanks :O) Diana

  2. Hi, Diana! How Fun! I'll hit the highlights; you might find some inspiration from them: She rented the local city pool, so we had the place all to ourselves. Lifeguards on duty and no clean up required. Very nice. Food was simple, cupcakes, fruit, veggie tray, goldfish crackers and chips, plus a cooler full of juicy juices and water. The party favors included water guns and nerd candies with a little tag that said “we are so glad you came to our party.” The idea was to keep things simple and easy; however, I’m not sure that making 50+ ADDORABLE cupcakes is “keeping it simple.” Paper parasols would be beautiful and fun. Check out I found a few parasols on sale at Hobby Lobby. You might catch them on the clearance isle with the summer decorations. Good luck with the party. That first birthday is soooooo exciting!

  3. Hello, Diana. I'm Christy, of Swimming Party Cupcake fame!:) I'm glad you like them. Krystina pretty much summed up the party- I was going for simple, easy, and kid-friendly. One thing I wish I had done differently were the invitations. After I had already sent ours out, I came across the cutest idea at You should check it out. The event planner wrote all the party info on deflated beach balls and sent them in packaging she designed from brown kraft paper and decorated. I was so sad I didn't get to use the idea- maybe you can use it. Good luck with the party!



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