Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19-23 Hill Country Vacation

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 We spent four days in the hill country with the girls and some close friends. When we vacation I often try to record what the girls say as we're arriving at our destination. Here are a few phrases that made me giggle:
"Wow! Look at that big big mountain! Wow, Paw Paw made these all by himself?!"
"Woah, those are big."
"It's a dry heat."
"I want to see the sun."
"I can't wait to stay here. Are we in the Hill Country?"
"There sure are a lot of hills here. That must be why it's called the Hill Country."
"Momma, is the cabin made out of logs?"
"Are we going to hike these hills?"
"Look at that lake! Did you SEE that? I mean river..."
 We took evening hikes. Found wild flowers. Looked for deer.
 Enjoyed time with friends.
 Soaked in the sun and splashed in the river. 
 The minnow nets were almost as popular as these binoculars.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten {Our Fifth Six Weeks}

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Our Fifth Six Weeks (April 29-June 7, 2013):
During our two week break the girls and I attended the Polk County Garden Club Flower Show and Tasting Tea with Granny. It’s an annual tradition that we look forward to. The girls enjoyed the flowers and eating fancy desserts.

This six weeks included a very special school day! May 15 was our 100th Day of school! We celebrated and you can read more about that here.

This six weeks was a continuation of the last six weeks having found a nice groove we settled in and moved at a comfortable, steady pace. In addition to our normal school work we also did some casual art lessons and watched the development of tad poles from Granny's garden. 


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