Monday, February 27, 2012

Sip-N-See for Coralee {The Event}

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My sister-n-law and a group of wonderful friends hosted a beautiful Sip-N-See for baby Coralee. The theme was inspired by her New Year's Day arrival and her classic name. Thus the black and cream with touches of baby pink. No detail was missed starting with these "Kisses from Coralee" party favors adorned with stickers featuring Coralee's silhouette. The same silhouette used on the invitations.

 The table was not only pretty, but filled with tasty sweets. Handmade paper flower, strings of pearls and vintage broaches were used as decoration as well as fresh flowers tucked here and

 Guests were offered a variety of teas served in china tea cups.
 My brother-in-law created a simple piece of artwork to show off her name. Very unique and pretty.
 A special moment of the day was when Coralee was held by her Great Grandma Posey. Coralee is named after Posey's Mother, Cora.
 The guests of honor sleeping peacefully.

Guests were asked to write humorous messages on diapers which we took home with us and put to good use. Some of my favorite "diaper thoughts" included: Look Out Below! Did I do That? This One is for Daddy. Elmo loves poo poo. Enter at your own risk.Oh Crap! and There's more where that came from. I took these diapers home and mixed them in with the plain diapers. Many times it was just the chuckle I needed in the middle of a chaotic day! A fun baby shower activity!
 Me and my sister-n-law as the party was coming to a close. What a special, fancy party for a special baby!

Sip-N-See for Coralee {The Invitation}

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My sister-n-law hosted a beautiful Sip-N-See for baby Coralee in February. Above is the invitation. And if you're wondering, yes I created it. Is that weird? I hope not, because I had a blast creating it. Yes, that's her actual silhouette (love). A baby, born on new year's day, who was given a very classic name inspired a beautiful black and cream event. Shower photos up next!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

John 16:21 {Coralee's Birth}

Before I had children I was terrified of childbirth. Seriously thought it might be something I wouldn't survive. That is, until I witnessed a natural childbirth with a midwife in a birth center. Calm, rested, happy mommy. Alert, baby placed on mommy's chest for warmth. Quiet, comfortable atmosphere. No beeping monitors. No bright lights. Yes, please!

Coralee's birth was hard work. It was painful at times. And in the thick of it I wanted out. But all those feelings vanished the moment her warm, fresh, little body entered the world and my arms. It's a mountain top feeling. That moment when you face the most challenging task of your life and win. A rush of emotion. A swelling of relief, pride, excitement. Witnessing the miracle of birth with a clear focused, awareness and full involvement of all your sense is a ride like no other.

A few photos from the ride that was Coralee. January 1, 2012.
It's a girl!
First kiss.
A proud, and very excited big sister says hello.


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