Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bluebonnet Babies

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It’s the last day of March. Another month has passed, making Marin and baby Jami one month older. Time goes by so fast…and while I wish Marin could stay little forever, I also enjoy seeing her development. The curiosity, the energy, but most of all the emotions. When she gives out kisses on her own accord. When she tickles us and then steps back, her face filled with mischievous thoughts. Glimpses of Steven’s antics…flashes of my own. She embodies not only our looks, but our emotions too. What a wonderful reminder of our love for each other.

So, on this, the last day of March, here is to growing up and all of the good things associated with aging.

Aren’t you glad we have the ability to freeze frame moments in time? Hope you enjoy these pictures of two special babies in a field of Texas Bluebonnets.

Marin playing peek-a-boo. Ha!

I LOVE Jami's face in this picture. I see a little red tint in her hair, don't you?

Marin showing us where Jami's ear is. Right after this shot she poked Jami in the eye. Oops! Sorry, Jami.

Perfect Jami expression!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ribbon Wands

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As a kid nothing sparked my imagination like a billowy piece of fabric. Racking my brain for gift ideas for Julia’s fourth birthday, I remembered seeing these play silks in a Magic Cabin catalog (wonderful toy resource, but a bit $$$ at times).

Not having ready access to silk and not enough time to order these for Julia, I concocted my own play toy. Play Silk meets Ribbon Wand. Not sure what to call my creation. Any ideas?

My nameless toy was a big hit at the party and simple to make.

To make your own, you’ll need: one dowel rod, eyelet screws (appropriate in size to your rod), swivel hooks (fishing tackle) and ribbon (or silk scarf). Spray paint and wooden or foam accents make the toy pretty, but are optional.

Cut dowel to desired length.
Spray paint.
Insert eyelet screw. (Drilling a pilot hole for the eyelet screw in the rod, makes inserting the screw much easier.)
Add “accents” to the wand.
Thread ribbon through the circular opening of the swivel hook and clip onto eyelet screw.
Because the ribbon I chose for Julia’s wands was so large, I simply tied it to the swivel hook.
Don’t skip the swivel hook, it really does makes a difference in the movement of the ribbon. I’ve tested both. (Now I want my own nameless toy)

I’ve done a bit more research on ribbon batons and found the Ribbon Wands etsy store and blog. She creates beautiful, hand painted wands. Quite inspiring.

If your feeling especially crafty, and are interested in making your own play silks, read Squirrel Acorns’ post on dyeing playsilks.

Marin is still a bit too young for this toy, but I thought you guys might need a simple gift idea for Easter. As always, let me know if you make your own. I’d love to see pictures.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Princess Party

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Here are pictures from Julia's party last Saturday. It was so much fun for the girls. Beth had everything set up outside in the front yard near the blooming wisteria bush, a beautiful setting for pretty princesses.

How cute is this look on Julia's face? Classic Julia!

Layed down to get this one. Love the movement and again, Julia's expression! (Oh, and those "Dorothy shoes"! Too pretty!)
My favorite picture from the day.

Happy Birthday Julia. Thank you for inviting us.
I'm really enjoything the new digial SLR camera. Can you tell?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple No-Sew Tutu


We attended Julia’s fourth birthday last Saturday. It was a princess party and Marin was to show up dressed appropriately for the theme. This gave me the perfect opportunity to enhance Marin’s new found love for “denc” (dance). A tutu was just the thing for a princess AND a dance lover. So I began my search for a simple, child’s tutu. This simple tutu gave me the overall concept and I added a few special touches.

I wanted the tutu to be short and puffy, so it is made with six yards of tulle (2 yards of each color: turquoise, light blue and green). I measured down from Marin’s waist and decided that 11" was just the right length. To make your own, tutu, measure the length you want and then double it. This determines the length of the strip. The instructions I read recommended cutting the strips 4" wide. This was perfect. Once the strip dimensions were determined I began cutting!
Mom bought me a Fiskars brand self healing mat and cutters for Christmas. They were lifesavers for this project as it made cutting the strips a breeze. Thank you mom!

Once the strips were cut from the six yards of tulle, I began tying the strips to the ribbon. Here’s where a handy diagram is helpful.

It might be helpful to string the ribbon between two fixtures. I tied mine around the back of a chair. This helped keep the ribbon taunt.

To make my tutu extra puffy, I created two layers and joined them together at every fourth knot.

This project took me about an hour and a half from beginning to end, but has provided Marin with countless hours of fun. Make these as gifts for any girl in your life.

Please post a comment and share pictures if you make your own. Or just post a comment letting me know you read my newest post. I'd love to have your input and thoughts! Comments make blogging fun.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Princess Marin

While in LasVegas my sisters and I found the most adorable blue shoes at baby gap. We all agreed that Marin simply, must own a pair! Soon after I slipped them on her feet, Marin dubbed them her dancing shoes.

Marin loves to “dence” (dance). She dances with or without music, while she is eating and sometimes accompanied by her daddy. Her favorite dance floor is the front yard. She swings her arms in the air spinning as she hops from one foot to the other. It’s magical…

Last week I made her a tutu for a party. The instant I wrapped it around her waist, she insisted we go “out-tide n dence!” (outside and dance). I grabbed the camera and off we went.

These pictures capture that evening and everything I love about Marin’s “dence.”

Stay innocent and sweet, my little one. Mommy loves you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Could Not Ask for More


Nine years ago today, we were married. Two kids, making a forever promise before God. It’s fitting that my first post should be on our anniversary. This is where it all begins. This was the day I became Krystina Evans. Young, fresh out of college, filled with excitement about life, I stood, dressed in white. After our vows were recited these words began to play:

Lying here with you
Listening to the rain
smiling just to see the smile upon your face

These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

Today, those words are truer than ever.
This blog is a “Bit-O-Me,” a bit of Marin, a bit of Steven, and a will hopefully be a Bit-O-Something you’ll enjoy.
So, hello blog world and Happy Anniversary Steven, I’m forever yours!


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