Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adalyn's Eyes

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Through your eyes skies look brighter
Grass more green clouds are whiter.
When you're close cares grow lighter,
I'm glad that you were born.
Through your eyes hills stretch higher.
When you smile you inspire hearts to sing in a choir.
I'm glad that you were born.
Born to laugh, born to dream
Born to spread your light.
Through your eyes I see clearer
You bring God so much nearer.
Life has grown so much dearer,
I'm glad that you were...

Born to laugh, born to dream.
Born to spread your light.

Through your eyes I see clearer You being God so much nearer. Life has grown so much dearer I'm glad that you were born.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, musical Composed by Gene de Paul

These lyrics are how I feel about Adalyn's eyes. Which is why they were incorporated into the invitation design for her first birthday. And here I am celebrating another year with her and thinking about the magic of her eyes. Happy birthday, little one. I love you!

Butterfly Birthday {The Party}

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It rained the day of Adalyn's butterfly birthday party. So, all of my plans for sun filled, happy photos were "drenched." Instead the crowd moved inside and we celebrated in tight quarters under low light. The birthday girl on the other hand was GLOWING. See how excited she was to show off her butterfly cake?! That's what matters, right?
I filled vintage butterfly tea cups with "Flower straws" and labeled the drinks "nectar." (My mom's clever idea.) The Butterfly shaped chalk boards were at Michaels.
 The centerpiece was two butterfly catchers and magnetic butterflies in a simple vase. The bowl of caterpillars (gummy worms) were a big hit.
 The girls and I had a blast making these candy filled butterflies. Inspired by this post. Adalyn was SCARED of the googly eyes when they were in the package but were okay with them once we had them on the butterfly bodies. Too funny. The kiddos loved them and they were simple to make. Clothes pins covered in colored paper. Black pipe cleaner for the antennas. Googly eyes and candy bags filled with Skittles (Adalyn's favorite candy).
 The cake was inspired by her butterfly feet birthday party invitation. The wings were heart shaped and it was delicious!
 She had a blast opening gifts and was so sweet to everyone. I could listen to her say "tank too" over and over. Oh, and can you believe that she actually wore that adorable butterfly wing head band all evening?!
Happy birthday, sweet Adalyn. We love you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Metamorphosis {aka The Very Hungry Caterpillar}

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Just so you know, my mom is really cool.

She makes finding caterpillars and putting them in containers for her granddaughters a priority. End result? They L.O.V.E "Ganny." Here are photos of Granny and the girls on May 8. Hello new caterpillar friend that we will check on daily with great anticipation of metamorphosis.
For the last 16 days this little fella was given prominent placement on their dresser and checked with diligence each day for progress. Today May 24, 2012, was a BIG deal because their caterpillar became "a beautiful butterfly." (Excuse the hair, ahem. We were playing in the sprinkler just before the release.)
The object of our affection was a gulf fritillary butterfly. Here is a great video on its life cycle.
Thank you, again Granny.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Feet {The Invitation}

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We celebrated Adalyn's second birthday on Tuesday with a butterfly theme birthday party. I was inspired by butterfly feet artwork that I found on Pinterest. I tracked down the party and it's a sweet story. I loved that the size of Adalyn's feet would be captured at a time where a baby becomes a toddler so the footprints that make the butterfly are her actual footprint at 100%.

The girls had a BLAST making the butterflies. By the end of our project the bottoms of their feet were an awful color. I found that ink pads worked much better than paint. To make the invitation above I made prints of Adalyns feet in black ink, scanned in the prints and changed the colors using Photoshop. However, the girls enjoyed making many butterflies of various colors with just the ink pads. Here is a sampling:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Senior Pictures {My Nephew Zack}

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Well, it's official. I'm old. I have a nephew who has graduated from High School. I had the pleasure of taking his senior pics and designing this announcement. What a handsome, polite, kind and talented young man. An asset to the world and the family around him. Congratulations Zachary!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peacock Lingerie Shower Invitation

Invitation design for a PeaCOCK themed lingerie shower. An appropriate "theme," for such a colorful event don't you think? Or, maybe inappropriate?

Wedding Shower Invitation {Grey & Lavender}

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Designed a matching wedding shower invitation for these Grey and Lavender Wedding Invitations.


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