Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Feet {The Invitation}

We celebrated Adalyn's second birthday on Tuesday with a butterfly theme birthday party. I was inspired by butterfly feet artwork that I found on Pinterest. I tracked down the party and it's a sweet story. I loved that the size of Adalyn's feet would be captured at a time where a baby becomes a toddler so the footprints that make the butterfly are her actual footprint at 100%.

The girls had a BLAST making the butterflies. By the end of our project the bottoms of their feet were an awful color. I found that ink pads worked much better than paint. To make the invitation above I made prints of Adalyns feet in black ink, scanned in the prints and changed the colors using Photoshop. However, the girls enjoyed making many butterflies of various colors with just the ink pads. Here is a sampling:

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