Friday, January 28, 2011

Adalyn {Eye Candy Actions}

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Encase you didn't know, my husband is wonderful.

For Christmas he bought me a set of PhotoShop actions that I've been eying for a year. Sheye Rosemeyer's Eye Candy Actions. Just wouldn't let myself spend the money. Yep, that's right, he had to find the blog, figure out the name of the set, purchase, download and store the files on my computer. And that's where I found them, on my desktop with a star icon that said "Merry Christmas."

So, since Christmas I've been dying to take photos of Adalyn and Marin in early morning sun. Not easy to do with two little ones to dress (warmly). Here are Adalyn's pics. Marin's will come later. Can you believe my Baby A is almost 9 months old!?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Releases or Lasting Investments

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One evening last week, my newly married sister called to chat. She filled me in on her life and activities while I scurried around the house picking up toys, folding clothes and putting away dinner. She was asking about destination ideas for their anniversary (she's a planner) and that lead to a conversation with me reminiscing about the first seven years of my marriage. (Let's call them the childless years.) Oh, those childless years! Steven and I were on the go! We camped, hiked, traveled and dinned. Boy did we blow some MAJOR money on food and fun. It’s those major activities that I remember so well, but what about the daily life stuff? I found myself saying to my sister “I'm not sure what I did in the evenings before we had kids!” Then I remembered: MOVIES. If there was a new release we would have seen it and most “normal” weekends were spent enjoying dinner and a movie. So I adamantly told her “Watch movies while you can because before you know it, you'll be picking up toys every evening wondering what you once did with your free time.”

That conversation has been on my mind this week.

Working from home full time, I’m here with the girls most days, but I’m working, so I ache to have FUN with them in the evenings. After a grocery store run I pulled up in front of the house and asked Marin “what would you like to do together, that’s FUN?” She contemplated this and to my surprise she asked to make a cake. That request meant that we’d have to return to the store for the ingredients, (with a sleeping baby) but I was so determined to spend a fun evening together, we did just that. Leaving the store for the second time, Marin carried a shopping bag filled with a boxed cake mix, pink icing and sprinkles. For the next hour and a half I walked her through the steps of making cupcakes. We turned the oven to 350 degrees, placed cupcake liners in the cupcake pan, measured out a cup of water and a third cup of oil. She was fascinated and excited about each step and I was having a blast watching her learn. Her enthusiasm about mixing batter, joy from licking the spoon and curiosity with the rising cupcake batter was HANDS DOWN better than any new release movie I watched during the “childless years.”

Watching a new release is still a treat I enjoy today, but investing time in the nurturing of my child or any other human for that matter is an investment with a lasting return.

Old House Update: Daddy's Helper

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January first was a fresh start on house work. Nothing much happens to this old house during the months of October, November or December. The holidays are much to fun to spend time painting. However, this year we did have the medicine cabinets professionally stained and I hope to have pictures to post once we get them hung. Just piddling with those is about all we did during the holidays.

That said, January was a VERY productive month. Steven finished ALL of the trim in the room, including the baseboards and as of Sunday, it's all painted. It's sorta shocking to be this close!

These photos of Daddy's little helper were just too cute not to share. Adalyn is the complete oposite of Marin. If there is something dangerous in the room, she goes for that first. Her next item is typically something that will make a HUGE (scary) mess. And despite being continuously told "No, no, Adalyn" she remains cheerfully, persistent!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vegemite T-Shirt

For Christmas we drew names. I drew my sister-n-law Sarah who: Loves God, Vegemite and Puns. So, I designed this t-shirt as a Christmas gift for her. She got a kick out of it and that made me very happy. Thought I'd share this for all you Vegemite fans out there! Seriously, have any of you even tasted Vegemite? If not, toast a piece of bread and slather it on. Everyone should try it once.

Oh, and here is a Zazzel model showing you how cute the shirt looks on a body. Irena (yes, Zazzel gives their online models names) was the closest I could find to matching Sarah. Plus I thought her expression was funny! "Vegemite....ummmmm"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Baby A

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My Baby A won't be a baby much longer. It's amazing to see her grown and develop. I swear everything is happening much faster with Adalyn than it did with Marin. Why does time move so quickly? Little A is no longer content to be on all fours, she wants to stand. And stand she does! Her favorite places practice her new skills are on the outside edge of the bath tub, on Marin's chair at the table and my leg, anytime she can catch me standing still.

She has added four words to her verbal skills. The first, "aGuh" has no meaning, but she LOVES to say it over and over and over. The next word she shared with us was "Bye, Bye" and yes, she waves (warm fuzzy feelings). Next, of course, was "DaDaDaDa" because she is a daddy's girl and for the very first time TODAY, she called for "MaMaMaMa"!!!!!
During the month of December she cut seven teeth and met Santa Clause.
And this post wouldn't be complete without sharing this beautiful photo of Adalyn with her Paw Paw Benny whom she LOVES. She always has a ready smile for Paw Paw and loves to hear him sing. Not sure who loves who more, but there is a definite chemistry there and it brings me such joy to watch them.

What I've Been Up To: My Marin

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This blog is called "Bit-O-Me" for a reason. There are many things that make up a life and this blog is a place to share those many things in mine. Mothering is one of the bigger bits. So, the next two posts are going to be a recap on my girls. Maybe it will give you glimpse into what we've been up to during my blogging absence.

When your child's curiosity is piqued by a new hobby, it's quite hard not fill your hard drive with every crazy snap shot. I've resisted the urge to keep every blurry pic, but I'm really loving these abstract photos she captures by holding the camera too close to an object. I'll not torture you with more, but I find these bright colors inspiring.

Flower girl extraordinaire!
In December Marin fulfilled her role as flower girl for the third time this year! Yes, I said third. And yes, I made two of the three dresses. Otherwise I think we'd need to start buying stock in David's Bridal! Do you know how much people will pay for a flower girl dress! (yipes). Marin loves to dress up and is enamored with princesses, but she isn't keen on having her picture taken by a stranger in environments she isn't comfortable in. SO, needless to say, she's wonderful at wearing pretty clothes and dropping flower petals, but smiling for the camera...not so much.

September 2010
July 2010
But SEE, if I ask her to put on a dress and smile...

Or if you have cows she can look at while wearing a pretty dress...
Christmas To say Marin LOVED Christmas this year is an understatement. We listed to Kids Christmas music every time we got in the car and "Jingle Bells" was her favorite HANDS DOWN. She even wrote her own version of the second verse. Jingle Bells has a second verse? Yeh, who knew? (A day or two a grow, I taught I'd take a ride, soon this banny bod, was seated by my side, what you say is say, what you see is day, I got into a chickamix and we got outside....ohhhhhhh!!! Jingle bells, Jingle bells...)
Christmas lights were facinating to her and we spent many an evening driving around to see them. Even ride them! I bombarded her with ways to learn the real meaning of Christmas, and found the most effective were this Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set and the movie The Very First Noel. While playing with the nativity set she insists in calling Joseph "God." The father figure in the scenario can be a bit confusing. She'll learn.
Christmas morning we enjoyed the company of this smiling little lady who is thrilled with the world when she is eating pancakes and wearing anything to do with Dora the Explorer.


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