Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Baby A

My Baby A won't be a baby much longer. It's amazing to see her grown and develop. I swear everything is happening much faster with Adalyn than it did with Marin. Why does time move so quickly? Little A is no longer content to be on all fours, she wants to stand. And stand she does! Her favorite places practice her new skills are on the outside edge of the bath tub, on Marin's chair at the table and my leg, anytime she can catch me standing still.

She has added four words to her verbal skills. The first, "aGuh" has no meaning, but she LOVES to say it over and over and over. The next word she shared with us was "Bye, Bye" and yes, she waves (warm fuzzy feelings). Next, of course, was "DaDaDaDa" because she is a daddy's girl and for the very first time TODAY, she called for "MaMaMaMa"!!!!!
During the month of December she cut seven teeth and met Santa Clause.
And this post wouldn't be complete without sharing this beautiful photo of Adalyn with her Paw Paw Benny whom she LOVES. She always has a ready smile for Paw Paw and loves to hear him sing. Not sure who loves who more, but there is a definite chemistry there and it brings me such joy to watch them.

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