Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Baby Shower Brunch

Two weeks ago today, a group of my best friends hosted the most scrumptious baby shower brunch in honor of baby Adalyn. Above is a shot of those special gals. (I'm the one with the 36 week baby belly...tee hee hee). The food, not only gorgeous was soooooo yummy I think every guest went back for seconds, which is uncommon in a group of ladies.

Below is a shot of the activity table. Guests were petitioned to create handmade onesies and bibs for the baby using iron on fabric squares, cut into various shapes. We came away with a bundle of super cute, one-of-a-kind onesies for Adalyn and guests really had fun creating them!

As a shower favor, guests were given fresh marigold flowers that could be planted. Each of the pots included a card with various quotes from my belly book. These special, small details were in every aspect of the shower. These girls didn't miss an opportunity to make something unique and personal to me or baby Adalyn.

I had to include a few photos of the various bright colored flower arrangements because they were stunning. So simple, yet full of color and they just screamed BABY GIRL!

Okay, Darci will kill me for including this one, but we just had to have a picture of the two of us going back for more sweets...belly to belly.
Most of the shower happenings took place on Leesa's back porch. The weather was perfect and the setting colorful and pretty.

I gave Marin her photo album at the shower. Below is a shot that Katherine took of her admiring each page. A special moment for me...a passing amusement for Marin.

These tiny baby booties were a handmade gift from a lady in our church. Just one of many thoughtful and handmade goodies we were given.

All in all a WONDERFUL Saturday afternoon. Thank you, Christy for coordinating such a special day. You thought of every possible way to make things, unique, beautiful and memorable.

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