Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Traditions {A Photo Album for ME}

I'm my Mother's first born. Yes, that's right; I have multiple photo albums and baby books full of memorabilia. But of these many photo albums, one is most special to me. It's an album that mom made for me while pregnant with my sister Elizabeth. She wanted me to know how special I was to her and my Dad even though the new baby was getting all the attention. It's full of pictures of me as a baby with various people who were important in my life. At three years old that album meant something different to me than it does today at 30.

I love the expression of love found in this little photo album with the hand embroidered cover and wanted to pass on this tradition to Marin.

My mind cannot fathom having two children to love and hold in my heart. I know it's possible, I felt extreme love as the oldest of six children, but I worry that my relationship with Marin will change. Will she know what she means to me? Will my love spread evenly? I look forward to the arrival of the new baby, and yet I worry my relationship with Marin will never be the same. Maybe this little tradition will help her little (almost 3 year old) mind comprehend my love for her even when baby Adalyn is getting everyone's attention, but I also hope that when she is 30, she'll know how much I love her.

Thank you, Mom, for such a beautiful give of love and a tradition that I can pass on to my first born. I love you.

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  1. With tears in my eyes from reliving the emotions of love, I want to tell you, my daughter, that I LOVE YOU!!! It is a joy to watch you grow as a mother. And, you do know, don't you, that a mother's love is not divided when the new one comes... it is multiplied, like the loaves and the fishes. God is good to miraculously arrange that! Mom



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