Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adalyn's 3rd Birthday {A Visit to the Fire Station}

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In keeping with tradition, I took Adalyn to the fire station for her third birthday. It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun spending one on one time with our middle baby. We took her sweet sister Marin to the station for her third birthday in 2010. At that time in life I felt like a terrible mom, because with a new born baby in the house, I just didn't feel up to throwing her a party. Taking her to the station to spend time with her Daddy was the best I could do. Who knew that it would be one of her favorite memories and what I viewed as a sad compromise transformed into a beloved tradition. Adalyn's paper birthday hat and "Birthday Girl" ribbon were gifts made and purchased by Marin. I'm amazed at Adalyn's vocabulary and wit. She's full of adorable grins, super tight squishy hugs and curiosity. During her third birthday "interview" when asked what makes her feel really happy she responded by saying "Butterflies! When they chase me I feel happy. But they don't sting you." 
Me: "Adalyn, what do you want to be when you grow up? 
Adalyn: "A grown up."
Me: "What will you DO?"
Adalyn: "Nothing. Well, play."

Me: "Adalyn, who's the last person you kissed?"
Adalyn: "DaDa" (grin)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

100th Day Of School

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It's the hundredth day of school today (hooray!)
It's the hundredth day of school today (hooray!)
It's the hundredth day of school
It's the hundredth day of school
It's the hundredth day of school today!
(Sung to the tune of She'll be Comin Round the Mountain)
It took Marin FOREVER to realize that her breakfast was in celebration of the big day.
She kept asking me why I didn't cut her pancakes. 
We played fun games with the hundreds chart and
chose special prizes from a treasure chest after every subject.
We did it! 100 days!!!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gnome Beard Bib {FREE Pattern}

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This sweet little boy turned one last week. His Mommy, my friend, threw him a gnome themed first birthday party. Here is a sampling of the adorable party she hosted. (Photos by Jennifer Bradford.)
His gnome beard bib was made from soft, white Minky fabric and took about and hour and a half from start to finish to create. After searching the internet for a gnome beard bib pattern I ended up just creating one. Below is a free pattern with basic instructions for making your own (adorably handsome baby boy not included). I felt like the bib was a tad too long, so this pattern is slightly shorter in length than pictured above. Save these images and print on letter size paper at 100%. Happy sewing. 


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