Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marin's Mermaid Birthday {The Invitation}

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Above is the Invitation design for Marin's upcoming Mermaid Birthday party. The girls and I created clothespin mermaids to use as party favors and decorations at the party. When I read the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" to Marin, she insists that I incorporate her name. So in her mind the story is "Marin the Mermaid." Can you believe that she's turning FIVE! Oh, and wearing the blue necklace for pictures was her idea. She told me it was "mermaidish." (tee hee hee). Below are the shots that didn't make the cut but I still love them. 

Clothespin Mermaids

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In anticipation of Marin's upcoming birthday, the girls and I created these clothespin mermaids. The original idea was to send a mermaid to each of Marin's friends inviting them to her party. But we just couldn't part with them yet and we decided a photo of Marin holding the dolls could be just as fun.
Marin was very involved in creating the dolls and did the painting on their bodies and wound the yarn for making their hair. Adalyn "assisted" her by painting a page of mermaid tails (grin).
To create the tails I cut glitter foam using this template.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day 2012

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These two little girls were giddy on Sunday evening. Oh who am I kidding? All THREE of us were excited. Keeping a secret is SO HARD but they WE did it! We all hid behind the upright bass (standing proudly in its new custom made wooden stand) whispering and giggling, just waiting for Steven to come in the door.

We displayed their fingerprint, music note cards and pictures along the fretboard of the bass. Steven's new position has kept him in Beaumont more than we wish, so this Father's Day it was important for me to tell him how much he is missed when he's away and what joy he brings.
Steven, It’s like music when…
I think of the first pregnancy test results with Marin.
You recognize my efforts as a mother.
The girls run to you screaming “DADDY” because you’re home.
I hear Adalyn say “I wuv oo too Daddy.”
I’m reminded how tender you were to me during each of the girl’s birth.
I hear you reading “The Train to Timbuctoo” complete with sound effects
You tenderly kiss the girls
You take time to answer Marin’s incessant questions.
I hear you softly snoring and look over to see Coralee snuggled up to your chest.

You bring happiness to our home and such love with your faithful commitment to our family. I’m blessed to have you as a partner and am grateful to you for the music.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lemon & Lime Wedding {Save the Date}

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I've had so many wedding invitation projects lately. It's fun to work with these unique couples to create a feel for their big day. Above is a save the date design for lemon and lime themed summer wedding. The photo is one from the engagement shoot I did with them in April. I loved the pose and was so sad when those yellow wild flowers stopped blooming. Now, it's just blooming HOT. Below are a few shots from their session. Aren't they sweet?

Marin's Ballet Recital {May 19, 2012}

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 Do you SEE that face? Oh, my....I can't tell you how much I hope that the weekend of May 19, 2012 is one that Marin remembers with fondness. Because I'm going to tell you, right now, I would never survive as a "Dance Mom." Seriously. That much makeup and hairspray on a four year old just feels WRONG. Speaking of makeup, the best moment was when Marin insisted that she KNEW how to put on makeup and so thought to myself "okay, I'll let her do the blush." Handing her the blush I turned to do something else and when I looked back she was applying pink rouge to every surface of her face. I think I might have over reacted just a tad when I realized what she was doing. Below is a shot of the second attempt.
I can't tell you why really, but I was SO NERVOUS for Marin. I guess this was our first performance oriented demonstration and I had such fears for her. What if she falls? Or what if they do something cute and people laugh? Marin HATES for people to laugh at her even when she is being funny. What if she can't find her "x" or what if another little girl stands on Marin's "x". How will she react? Marin sees things in black and white. No grey areas allowed. Something either is or isn't and if there is a rule, or practice, that's just the way things are. So for something to CHANGE is challenging. All my worry was in vain. She was a star!
She will be turning five next month. Funny, to think about her begging to take ballet when she was only three and I told her she had to wait until she was four. At the time, that was nine months away. She waited patiently and ballet was the first thing on her mind after her fourth birthday party. This post has a picture of her first class.

Giving each of my girls extended, focused attention, or one on one time, is difficult and rare. This was a special time for me and for Marin. Doing girly stuff. Spending time with close friends and doing something new outside of both our comfort zones.
A little glimpse of the "back stage" activities. Mermaid coloring pages for everyone. That and a wild and crazy round of UNO.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our New Patio

I don't know how many times, while giving tours to friends and family, I've said: "The plan is to make this room our family room with a set of french doors going out onto a patio into the back yard." Two down, one to go! We have french doors AND a fresh new patio!!!! My hardworking hubby and his Dad did all the work on forming, pouring and finishing our new, wash gravel patio. Here are a few shots of the process.
Can you believe how agile my father-in-law is? Amazing to watch how fast and hard he works.
 The girls watching paw paw and Daddy in action. 
Today Steven is burring a pipe for the rain gutter to drain into and then we'll be working on the flower bed between the house and the sidewalk. We are already enjoying the new space. Here's proof:


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