Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day 2012

These two little girls were giddy on Sunday evening. Oh who am I kidding? All THREE of us were excited. Keeping a secret is SO HARD but they WE did it! We all hid behind the upright bass (standing proudly in its new custom made wooden stand) whispering and giggling, just waiting for Steven to come in the door.

We displayed their fingerprint, music note cards and pictures along the fretboard of the bass. Steven's new position has kept him in Beaumont more than we wish, so this Father's Day it was important for me to tell him how much he is missed when he's away and what joy he brings.
Steven, It’s like music when…
I think of the first pregnancy test results with Marin.
You recognize my efforts as a mother.
The girls run to you screaming “DADDY” because you’re home.
I hear Adalyn say “I wuv oo too Daddy.”
I’m reminded how tender you were to me during each of the girl’s birth.
I hear you reading “The Train to Timbuctoo” complete with sound effects
You tenderly kiss the girls
You take time to answer Marin’s incessant questions.
I hear you softly snoring and look over to see Coralee snuggled up to your chest.

You bring happiness to our home and such love with your faithful commitment to our family. I’m blessed to have you as a partner and am grateful to you for the music.


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  1. Did he tear up that night? Or when reading this blog? I did... Thank you, Steven, for being the the husband and dad so much of the world needs to see.

    (And big thanks to Pops, Joshua, and all the other faithful, committed husband in our family!)



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