Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old House Update

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A little here. A little there. That's what we've been up to. There’s nothing "visually exciting" about window stops and baseboards, just more painting and spackling. Since the last house update we've installed our closet doors (which still need to be painted). Installed baseboards; installed window stops; looked for parts to finish the faucets for our sinks. Installed the rope lights in the master bedroom; and worked on facets of the Custom Medicine Cabinets.

There were two, old, built in medicine cabinets in the house when we bought it. One was removed and saved when we began the west side remolding project. The other was in our functioning bathroom, but was only useful as a mirror. We decided to take the old mirrors and hinges from these two medicine cabinets and use them in the new custom cabinets. Here are a few photos of the old cabinet, its hinges, and knobs.

While dismantling the old cabinets we discovered a date stamp on the back of each mirror. The cabinets were apparently manufactured by Binswanger & Co., Houston, Texas. One on May 12, 1927 and the other on May 13, 1927. What an exciting discovery and one that’s quite useful in “guestimating” the age of our home.
We removed the hinges, soaked them in ammonia to remove the paint, and cleaned them with steel wool and emery cloth. It was tedious work but gratifying. Below are before and after pictures of the hinge pins.

And here are photos of the new cabinets. An Escapees RV Club member Leon Culbertson built the cabinets for us from poplar wood. Steven and I have sanded them and hope to stain them soon. After many staining tests, I THINK Steven has settled on a stain mixture we are both happy with. Hope to share pictures of the final product soon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Scoop Number Two {Baby Shower}


The shower for Dan and Darci was a success! The colors were red and turquoise to match the invitations. We used a beach patio umbrella inside to give the atmosphere of a hot summer day. I made the polka dot garland by stitching the paper circles together with my sewing machine. Simple and cute!

Darci's sister Annie made this adorable diaper cake. It was a big hit. Cute and useful.

Since the invitations said that the "Grimes Family Cone is Growing" I thought it would be fun to create an actual family cone. So, I took the name and birth month and year of every member of their immediate families and created a cone. The scoops of ice cream were Jami and Mikayla. It really turned out cute and could be applied to any family. A unique take on the "family tree."

The local ice cream parlor was accommodating and everyone enjoyed the flavorful ice cream. Each shower guest was given "two scoops" of any flavor to match the "Sweet Scoop Number Two" theme.
As a shower activity, guests were given blank thought bubbles and asked to write a "thought" to Mikayla. Everyone had fun with the idea. Below are a few from the evening.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Scoop Number Two {Mikayla Rae Grimes is Due!}

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I'm hosting a baby shower for my friend Darci this weekend. If there was a "top ten list of people who love sweets" Darci would be on it! From sweet tea to sweet and sour candy, you can count on Darci to have a favorite place or brand. That said, I think there is one thing that she loves more than sweets and that's having babies. That's how the theme "Sweet Scoop Number Two" originated. When Jami was born it brought such sweetness to Darci's world. You could see it in her face and hear it in her voice. Sweet, tiny fingers and toes. Sweet tiny smiles. Sweet baby smells. Precious and sweet snuggle time. I think the soon arrival of Mikayla will bring that same sweetness.
So Sunday's shower is about enjoying the sweetness of a cool dish of ice cream on a hot summer evening, AND celebrating the sweetness babies bring to your life. Especially the sweetness of little Miss Mikayla Rae Grimes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crepe Paper Party Streamers

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While on vacation in June I spent most of my time nursing a newborn baby and reading old issues of Country Home and Better Homes And Gardens. It was relaxing AND educational. One little gem was this lovely party decoration. Crepe paper meets windsock.

At the time my sister-n-law was planning a rainbow inspired birthday party for her daughter and I envisioned these in rainbow colors. She took on the challenge and created six of these. Below is a picture of their final creation. They were BEAUTIFUL swaying in the early summer breeze and added a whimsical feel to the party.

This simple, inexpensive project might be just the thing for your next event!

Directions seem simple: Drape roughly 8-foot lengths of crepe paper over the inner side of an 8-inch diameter embroidery hoop. Fit the outer ring around the inner one and tighten. Hang with fishing line. I think my sister-n-law draped the crepe paper over the outer ring so that the hoop didn’t show.
Photo by Tiffany Shelton.


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