Monday, August 2, 2010

Crepe Paper Party Streamers

While on vacation in June I spent most of my time nursing a newborn baby and reading old issues of Country Home and Better Homes And Gardens. It was relaxing AND educational. One little gem was this lovely party decoration. Crepe paper meets windsock.

At the time my sister-n-law was planning a rainbow inspired birthday party for her daughter and I envisioned these in rainbow colors. She took on the challenge and created six of these. Below is a picture of their final creation. They were BEAUTIFUL swaying in the early summer breeze and added a whimsical feel to the party.

This simple, inexpensive project might be just the thing for your next event!

Directions seem simple: Drape roughly 8-foot lengths of crepe paper over the inner side of an 8-inch diameter embroidery hoop. Fit the outer ring around the inner one and tighten. Hang with fishing line. I think my sister-n-law draped the crepe paper over the outer ring so that the hoop didn’t show.
Photo by Tiffany Shelton.

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