Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Hero Birthday Party Invitation

Designed this Super Hero Birthday Party Invitation for a friend's little boy. Below are the cupcake toppers, party favor bag toppers and water bottle wrappers that I designed to match the invitation.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Fun {Trains, Fly Fishing and a Corn Maize}

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I'm behind in my blogging. But I want to archive our fall trip so forgive me for posting "fall fun" a week before Thanksgiving.

Texas State Railroad
If you've never been on the "Rusk to Palestine" train (now known as the Texas State Railroad) you're missing out. Plus this is the most perfect time of year in Texas to enjoy this relaxing outing. Our trip corresponded with their Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch weekend, thus the "Great Pumpkin" theme-appropriate, brown shirts on the girls that frankly were hard to make "girly." Adalyn's hair bow was a must!

Known for it's beautiful fly fishing river, Steven was excited to make the three hour drive from Tyler, north into the edge of Oklahoma. It was well worth the drive as we all enjoyed hikes along the river plus a paddle boat ride. We spent one night in a cabin there. Definitely a place to visit again.

Danville Corn Maize
My brother and sister-n-law were accommodating hosts and offered their spare bedroom to us during this long weekend. After our Oklahoma trek we met them at the Danville Corm Maize in Kilgore, TX. Sarah and Marin had a blast navigating the maze using age appropriate clues, while Adalyn and Joshua were content to forge new trails and play peek a boo in the corn. A perfect evening of fun. Marin wasn't crazy about the dome bouncer but I think Josh, Sarah and Steven could have stayed on all evening!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Felt Mermaid Tail Costumes {Halloween 2011}

Marin wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween this year so to simplify things, both girls were mermaids. The tails were inspired by this pattern I saw on the Miss Pretty Pretty Etsy store. She sells a pattern if you are interested. I loved her use of colorful felt and the concept of the tails attaching around the waist with velcro. I fashioned the mermaid tails from butcher paper and then cut from felt once I was happy with the size. I bought simple shirts and leggings and attached felt shell boobs. To make the headbands I cut seaweed shapes and starfish (stuffed with cotton) from felt attaching them with hot glue. If you'd like to make your own here is a template for the seaweed and starfish.
I just had to include this last photo, as this is often how Halloween and trick-or-treating feels. Just a rushed blur of kids running from house to house. Moms reminding them to "be careful," "watch for cars," "don't go inside anyone's  home" and "SLOW DOWN." Tee hee hee. I'm so grateful to my sister-n-law Christy for escorting Marin most of the night. This seven month pregnant mama was content to sit with baby Adalyn on the hay ride eating skittles.


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