Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnancy Mad Gab {Baby Shower Game}

I recently hosted a baby shower for my sister. It was an "I Love You {Eeehoo*}" themed shower. My sister has creative hearing and it's something we love about her and we often times get tickled at what she THINKS she hears. So, what better than a round of Pregnancy Mad Gab?! My mom went through our Mad Gab game and pulled out any phrases that were pregnancy, labor or birth related. Below is a list of the phrases we chose for the shower. I was a really fun ice breaker and I was pleased at how interactive the girls were, plus, we giggled a lot (and that's what shower games are meant to do, right?).

(*Eeehoo is how my sister said "I Love You" when she was a toddler.)

Long overdue
Lawn Gopher Do

It gets worse and worse
Hick Hits Worsen Whirs

Wholesome ingredients
Hole Summon Greedy Hence

I need a laxative
Eye Needle Ax Eight If

A mini-van
Aim Any Fan

On a scale from one to ten
Onus Gale Firm Won Toot Hen

It’s Heaven sent
Hi Seven Cent

How sweet the sound
House Wheat This Hound

Did you hear the news?
Chew Ear Think Ooze

A great recovery
Ache Ray Tree Cover He

Peace and quiet
Pea Sank White

More than I can stand
Mower Thin Hike Handstand

A sleepless night
Ace Leap Lesson height

A labor of love
L.A. Burr Oval of

Change of clothes
Chain Chuckle Owes

High fiber diet
Hi-fi bird High Yet

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It's perfect!!!



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