Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Love You Baby Shower {Eeehoo}

My sister is having her first baby and on Sunday we celebrated with a shower. What a wonderful day we had celebrating her path to motherhood. I tried to think of ways to really personalize the party, starting with the theme which was "I Love You!" or "Eeehoo!" which is how Elizabeth said "I love you" when she was a toddler. She loves bright colors and tulips. So, pulling inspiration from the anticipated arrival of spring and the holiday that screams I love you, Valentines day, we created this super bright, cheerful, pleasant party that couldn't have reflected my beautiful, sweet, happy sister any better. 
The invitation is a recreation of this invitation design I saw on Etsy. I wanted the colors to be a tad more vibrant and less pastel, so I just recreated it for our event. 
The cake is an original design. Well, at least I can honestly say I didn't see it on Pinterest! We had a local cake designer bake and ice the cake for us, and then my sister Katherine and I bought three bags of the Brach's Tart & Sassy Conversation Hearts candy and separated out the pink, peach, yellow and white hearts. Katherine came up with this beautiful spiraling pattern and she and Marin placed each candy into the icing one by one just moments before the shower guests arrived. The cake had been refrigerated and we were worried that the candy might bleed or worse fall off the cake if we did it too early. The candy did sweat a little, and I think if it had not been cold when the candies were added this might not have been a problem. Even so, the candies stayed in place and nothing fell off before the guests enjoyed it. Katherine was so kind to include Marin in the decorating, so keep in mind that a five year old assisted in the placement of the candies!
I saw this beautiful paper garland background used at a summer wedding reception by Floridian Weddings and I was in love. So, if you like what we created here, you've got to check out their super duper amazing creation here.
How adorable is that "e"? Elizabeth's Sister-n-law made it for the baby's room and we decided it was a perfect addition to the mantle decorations for the party.
We played a round of Pregnancy Mad Gab which was a HUGE hit and ooed and awwed over the gifts.
That's one happy and excited Granny!
Did I mention that Elizabeth is having a girl? 
Marin is super excited about the new baby and was very helpful to me the day of the shower.
Speaking of girls, look at my baby girl Coralee. Sweet, sweet baby Coralee. Time flies...

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