Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Silent Hunting Theme Baby Shower {The Remix}

The hunting baby shower that I hosted in December of 2010 is still the most popular post on my blog. So when the the same girl was pregnant with baby number two (another boy) I was quickly inspired to create a more low key remix version of this same theme. After all, it's hunting season!

It's often, with baby number two, that parents have all the necessary items but who doesn't need diapers?! So I created a "silent" baby shower for members of our church to participate in. The baby's name is DAX and so Diapers for Dax was born. For three weeks this 20x30 poster was hung on the wall in the foyer of the church with a box below it.
I ordered the poster ($19) and 50 4x6 prints from Walmart and distributed the 4x6 prints to the congregation. Participants or "guests" were asked to bless the family by "bagging a pack of diapers or wipes" and were given "pamper permits" to tag their score. This allowed them to put their name on the gift without the effort or expense of wrapping it.
This same concept would work for an office setting or for a teacher. Besides the initial time invested in the design and theme, it was a simple, easy way to bless this family. PLUS, it really worked! Let's just say, I think the hunters all hit their bag limit.

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