Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baker's Coconut Animal Cut-Up Cakes

Last year, my Granny Parma sent me an old Baker’s Coconut Brand booklet full of Animal Cut-Up Cake ideas. It was published by General Foods Kitchens and it looks like the date says 1959. Included with the booklet was a letter that read:

Krystina, You’re so talented, I thought you might like to copy some of these to make cakes for Marin. I found it in my recipes etc – Cleaning out old stuff. Hope you can use it. Enjoyed your visit and seeing Marin. Thanks for coming, Love, Granny.

I think it must have been a booklet my mom used to make birthday cakes for my siblings and I, because I recognized the elephant cake. I’ve been so excited about using one of these cut-up cakes and had settled on the duck cake for Marin’s birthday. But, I think I’ll modify it a bit so that the duck looks like the duck on Marin’s invitations. Anyway, I absolutely LOVED every pattern in the book but more than anything I loved that Granny thought to send it to me. Here are a few ideas for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to read the “Cut-up Cake Hints” page. The illustrations are so cute. I've only included a few of the cakes here. To see all of the cakes check out my Food category on Flickr.


  1. How sweet - Love the duck cake!!

  2. My mom had the same cook-book. it was always so exciting to pick out the next B-day cake. They were such a hit!:)

  3. What a treasure you have! My mom still has one of these books. I posted a birthday picture (from back in '66) of my brother on Facebook today, and it started a whole conversation about that book. In the picture is one of the cakes my mom made from that book, and one of my friends recognized it and researched the book.

  4. I have this same book (packed away from moving.) I used it to bake cakes for my 4 children. I now teach kindergarten and was looking for just this butterfly cake. How excited I was to find it!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I THERE ANY WAY TO GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK. anonymous 9-12-13

  6. my father-in-law worked as an advertising executive at General Foods at the time. He loved the company... I am pretty sure this campaign was one of his babies (as was Dream Whip)... but the animals remind me so much of my mother-in-law, that I wonder if she gave him the idea (she often did)... and no one loved birthdays more than she did...



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