Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Summertime {and the Weather is HOT}

We've had an exciting week. The plumbers have been here working. Steven and I have been gearing up to fork over the moola $$$$. Excited about the progress, and trying not to stress over the money.

Did I mention that the A/C window unit in the breakfast room went out? Yeah, my car said the outside temperature was 111 degrees yesterday!!!! It's HOT, HOT, HOT outside and it's not much better inside. Good news is the unit was still under warranty so the repairs will be covered, we just have to wait. Ah...gotta love this old house livin'.

This is how we survive! Pigtails and sonic. Two great ways to stay cool. Can you believe Marin has pig tails?! It's only taken us two years for her to have enough hair for pigtails. She was so cute in these pics I just had to share them.

She is so good for my soul. It's hard to worry or stress when I see her smiling face.


  1. aaaaaawwwww I LOVE THE PIGTAILS!!! Sooooooooo cute Krystina!!!!! :D

    these pics!!! :)

    And you're right it IS hot! I'm soo sorry that you have to work without that window unit!! man.
    But I sure do love me those pics!! :)

  2. Yeah! She finally has enough hair to make pigtails. What a precious little lady. JDL

  3. HAHAHA.... That last picture cracks me up! She is hilarious! I Love the pigtails!



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