Friday, June 19, 2009

Duck Feet Sugar Cookies

This idea hit me while brainstorming cookie ideas for Marin's party. I didn't want to have a duck cake AND duck cookies that didn't match (go on roll your eyes and laugh at me). Soooooooo I I thought why not duck feet! I knew I'd have to fashion my own cutter, but thought I'd start with a circle, UNTIL is stumble upon a couple heart shaped cutters I already had.

I keep a sketch book handy for all of my random ideas. Here is where I was brainstorm the transformation. The graphic artist in me just could help but turn this into a "pretty" diagram. Just in case you guys want to make duck feet cookies at some point in your life. Oh, and so I could remember what I did and how!


  1. I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at these delicious looking feet!!!!!!!!!!
    You should hire out for parties, you are so creative it is unreal.

  2. I love your ideas! I am having a duck and goose (Tad Hills) first birthday and found your site when searching for ideas. Another great work around for the feet....tulip cookie cutter. I just am cutting off the bottom stem. You should definitely be a professional party planner. You have amazing ideas!

  3. A tulip cookie cutter! How clever. Thanks for sharing your idea and for your sweet words!

  4. This is so amazing!! Thanks for much for sharing such creativity. I might give this a go for my sis' surprise baby shower, duck-themed :)



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