Monday, June 1, 2009

Quacky Birthday Marin: The Invitation

The most difficult part of throwing a party is the invitation. It's the first piece of the puzzle. The item that sets the tone for the entire event. It encompasses the theme, feel, look attitude and is the first introduction, enticing people to attend. That's why I stress over the design. Spending time tweaking and changing and looking for inspiration.

For Marin's party I wanted ducks, but not the plastic bath toy duck. I was going for a feminine, sweet, happy, hand-made duck. The kind that a little girl falls in love with. A timeless summer duck. Something that says Marin. I think it got it. This makes me smile. Oh, I'm so excited about the party!!! (Couldn't tell could you?)





  1. LOVE love love it! perfection! great job mom!=)

  2. Tina! It's beautiful!!

    You know what I like best? It looks like the little "wack wack" is dancing/singing. Very Marin-esque! :D

  3. wow - this is awesome! what program do you use for such a job? sorry, i'm a little clueless...

  4. yes this reminds me of Marin, great job

  5. Thanks, everyone for the input. I'm glad you all approve. Marin LOVEs the duck. It makes me smile every time she points and says "wack? wack?" I used Adobe InDesign to create the invitations and used for the printing.

  6. Hi Krystina,
    I have been reading your blog for a little while and I have decided to have a ducky party for my little one year old, Polly. I instantly remembered this lovely party so I've been checking it out for some inspiration. I was wondering if you'd consider selling me a copy of your invitation... either as a pdf or something that I could edit the text on or I could give you the text and you could send it to me non-editable. I don't have InDesign but I do have a Illustrator or Photoshop so I may be able to do the text in one of those. Anyway.. just a thought, I completely understand if it's not something you're interseted in doing. If you'd like to contact me my email address is Thanks (and Thanks for the inspiration... I'm trying to convince my husband to let me get real ducklings :)).

  7. Hi Krystina,

    I just found your blog through your Flickr photo of the duck cake. My daughter is turning soon and we are having a duck themed party. I have been on the prowl for a cake I love for months and I love what you have done. Like Anna, I too was wondering if I could purchase a copy of your invitation. I absolutely love it and love that it's not the rubber ducky look. I have InDesign, so the file type shouldn't be a problem. Please let me know at justinandlara at gmail dot com.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Krystina,
    I just ran across your blog and the duck party you did for Marin. It is adorable and what I had in mind for my daughter's 2nd bday. Do you sell your graphic designs? I was interested in the duck graphic and possibly the actual invitation.
    Thanks. Lisa
    lisalisa (dot) lewis (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Hi Krystina,

    I too am interested in your party invitations. My daughter Isabel is turning 1 and her first and favourite word is "duck". Please let me know if you are happy to share your beautiful invitations - I would be very happy to pay you.

    Kind regards,

    suzypenberthy (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Love your ideas for the duck themed party! I'd love to buy invitations from you, do you have an etsy shop? I realize this was two years ago, but it's just the type of "not" rubber duckie party I was looking for, please email me at

  11. Do you have an etsy site? I'd love to buy your duck design and invitation

  12. Hi, Betsee, I'm sorry for the delay. If you are still interested email me! skevans at livingston dot net. Cheers!



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