Sunday, June 7, 2009

Navy Baby Shower {Special Delivery!}

I'm in the process of planning a baby shower for my friend Amanda. Her husband is a Medic Coreman with the Navy and is currently deployed with a Marine platoon. He won't be home in time for the shower or their first baby's arrival. I wanted to be sure Joe felt included in all the events leading up to the birth of his baby girl. So, I'm basing the theme around him.

The back of the invitation reads:
Joe is away, but can’t wait for the day,
that his baby girl will arrive.
Amanda’s belly is growing, and she’s happy in knowing,
baby "K" is snuggling inside.

Despite the ocean that divides, they both cannot hide,
the love and excitement they share.
Daddy is sad he’s not here, so let’s bring him some cheer
with a package marked handle with care.

Suggested Items for the CARE package: Books on fathering, a brag book for pictures, a journal, letters of encouragement, a written description of Amanda and her belly, a list of ideas for ways for Joe to bond and be supportive from afar.

These invitations will be mailed in handmade atlas envelopes to perpetuate the "theme."

Instructions on making your own map envelopes are below.

Items you'll need: Envelope to create a template from, an old atlas or map, pen, scissors, exacto knife, ruler and double sided tape (I used Scotch Tape Runner). Gently open the envelope and flatten. Trace outer edges of envelope on a piece of heavy weight paper. I used the cover from the atlas.

Once you've create the template, use this to trace the outline of the envelope onto the maps. I used a red pen. Cut out the envelope using your scissors or the exacto knife and ruler. Place the ruler from corner point to corner point and score using the backside edge of the exacto knife blade. Do this to all four edges. This makes it easy to fold each of the edges.
Using double sided tape, adhere the bottom flap to the left and right sides of the envelope. Once you get the pattern down it's simple. I made 30 envelopes in just under an hour.

If you'd rather buy these, ready for mailing, check out Jam Paper. They have a variety of sizes available and prices range from 30-65 cents each.

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  1. i have to say i am just beyond excited - thank you SO much! mom just loves the invites and joe is thrilled, says he cant wait to see pics! baby "K" just kicked me in the rib, she is excited too!!! lol



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