Friday, June 12, 2009

Uncle Joshua {aka Uncle Dosh}

Marin loves her Uncle "Dosh." All of my siblings are jealous of how much Marin loves him. I think it's because he lets her do just about anything she wants and always "exposes" her to bazaar activities. Like this day when they rubbed soot on each other's faces. Or the way they make different noses out of playdoh. Oh, and he's also the only person who will run up and down the hall over and over and over and over and over. What's not to love?
Last Sunday Marin wore the dress that Joshua bought her in Guatemala. This was also Joshua's last "free" day before starting his new job with WRL General Contractors. Below are a few pictures I snapped of them together.

Joshua is working with a construction crew in Godly, Texas. We aren't sure how often he'll be home. I'm not sure who will miss the other more. Joshua or Marin. I'm sure I've made a large number of people quite jealous with this post. I'm sure I'll be hearing from those that want their own "Marin Loves ______" post. Check back!


  1. I want one!!! :D

    But seriously...She does love uncle Dosh a lot!! :) And those pictures are soooooo cute!!
    ya...I took the ones with the soot on their faces! hehehehe....Those crazyies!

  2. p.s. She looks like a mean contractor in the last pic! :)



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