Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Party 2012 {The Invitation}

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Waiting for these beauties to arrive in the mail. Gotta get them sent out to friends and family soon!

My sister-n-law, Beth Evans, created the acrylic painting that is the base for years' Pumpkin Carving Party invitation. I love the slightly spooky, yet glowing shiny feel it has. This is the fourth years we've used original art for the invitations and the ninth year we've hosted this event at our home.

Come on cooler weather, apple cider, chrysanthemums, costumes, hay rides and PUMPKINS. I'm ready for you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our First Day of Homeschool

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We began our first day of homeschool on Monday, September 3. These photos were from our first day of school. Today, marks our 10th day of this new routine. Marin began Kindergarten and we follow a four day week. The photo above is our "to do" list. I say our, but really it's Marin's. She has a visual representation of what's expected of her each day (made into magnets) and it's a positive way to teach her time management and goal setting. Plus I can see at a glance what we have complete and what's left to be accomplished.
First on the list is breakfast...
Then Bible study.
Next she makes her bed and gets dressed for the day.
She feeds the cat.
And brushes her teeth.
It's a family tradition to begin the first day of school with a TREASURE HUNT! My five siblings and I were all home schooled and this was the highlight of our year. It only seemed right to continue the tradition with Marin. Steven and I created five simple clues. This was the first one that Marin received.
One clue lead to the mail box where she received the next clue and her new subscription to High Five
Each clue was printed on the outside of an envelope. Inside the each envelope were various craft items.
At the end, she had everything we'd need to make popsicle stick bookmarks for her text books. 
Here she is, hard at work.
And below is the final product.
Then the real work began, starting with her calendar notebook and "about me" pages. 
At just 10 days, I'm amazed at what this little girl has already learned. She's enthusiastic and excited about learning and we're having fun.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marin's Mermaid Birthday {The Party}

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That is the cheesy grin of a girl who had to wait a REALLY long time to celebrate her fifth birthday. She was sick on her actual birthday and we had to postpone her mermaid party. But finally the day came and we picked up balloons, finished making the mermaid clothespin doll party favors and headed to the pool for a splashing good time. 
 How cute are these mermaid tail cupcakes? We cut the tails from sour strips and tucked them into the blue icing. Marin helped and by the time we were finished our fingers were sticky and our tummies ached.

First View of the Ocean

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Ocean, meet Adalyn. Adalyn, the ocean.
See that face? It's amazing how the excitement of a child can change everything. I've never been much of a beach person, but after our trip this summer, I'm changed. We spent countless hours on the beach, and we had to tear ourselves away when the sun began to set. We couldn't have asked for a better first experience. We had such a wonderful, fun filled time. The girls LOVED the beach and we all talk about the fun we had. I'm thinking this will be a summer family tradition.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Summer

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This summer we...
 shopped for plants for our new patio flower bed.
took swimming lessons
 had an accident with the toy broom and enthusiastic playing that resulted in very little sleep for mommy, lots of guilty regrets, a trip to Urgent Doc and scar on baby A's eyebrow.
Lots of baking dates between mommy and the girls.
Upgraded A to a forward facing car seat.
Grinned and cried when Adalyn's curls were trimmed off during her first haircut.
Learned to sit up AND crawl.
Took multiple trips to "our zoo" (as Marin calls it). 
Attended vacation bible school at church and dressed up as sword wielding warriors.
Started solids. (sort of)
painted our fingernails (Marin's "Now that I'm five can I..." request)
Got SUPER excited about our new Kindergarten curriculum every time something new arrived in the mail.
Plus a family trip to the beach and many lovely, days with family and friends. Looking back we had such a wonderful summer, but I'm looking forward to fall and the cool weather that comes with it.

Storm Door Installed

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We installed a storm door on the front of the house this week. Why is it that projects like this take so much longer than expected? Hoping it helps to preserve the original, wood door. 


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