Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Summer

This summer we...
 shopped for plants for our new patio flower bed.
took swimming lessons
 had an accident with the toy broom and enthusiastic playing that resulted in very little sleep for mommy, lots of guilty regrets, a trip to Urgent Doc and scar on baby A's eyebrow.
Lots of baking dates between mommy and the girls.
Upgraded A to a forward facing car seat.
Grinned and cried when Adalyn's curls were trimmed off during her first haircut.
Learned to sit up AND crawl.
Took multiple trips to "our zoo" (as Marin calls it). 
Attended vacation bible school at church and dressed up as sword wielding warriors.
Started solids. (sort of)
painted our fingernails (Marin's "Now that I'm five can I..." request)
Got SUPER excited about our new Kindergarten curriculum every time something new arrived in the mail.
Plus a family trip to the beach and many lovely, days with family and friends. Looking back we had such a wonderful summer, but I'm looking forward to fall and the cool weather that comes with it.

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