Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Belly

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Virginia is covered in snow. There are piles of it everywhere. So, belly picture locations were limited. Tasha's beautiful green eyes and flowing dark hair made up for the lack of locations. Here are a few photos we took during my visit. Wow, Tasha has always been extraordinarily pretty but pregnant she is even more so...

M4 Mommies


Last week I spent five days with my best friend Tasha. And yep, you guessed it, we are both pregnant! Tasha is due on March 4 (my birthday) and I'm due May 4. We've shared many milestones in life (having been friends since the age of four, that has a way of happening). We'd always teased about being pregnant together, and then I jumped the gun and gave birth to Marin in July 2007. Seems I have a history of jumping the gun...graduating college, getting married...there is a pattern developing here. So, upon discovering that we were pregnant together and that Tasha was two months ahead of me, I was elated!

Above is a picture that was taken during my short trip to Virginia to just "be" with my prego friend. Lots of talking, napping, eating, shopping. All of the things pregnant women do when they are together...and it was perfect.

Thank you, Tasha, for a wonderful vacation. Can't wait until the day our little ones meet face to face. I love you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy Gifts

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I've been waiting to upload these until after I'd given them to Tasha as a gift. I made two of these bags as Christmas gifts last year and they were a big hit. Hoping this will make a nice, small, on the go, diaper bag. The Margaret Bag is a free pattern I found on one of my favorite blogs Oh, Fransson! The blogger Elizabeth Hartman has such creative and beautiful patterns and oh so much quilting which intrigues me. I modified the pattern for Tasha's diaper bag to include a magnetic snap instead of the hoop and button that the pattern design calls for. I'm anxious to see which "closure" users prefer. The fabric is Pop Daisy-red from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden collection.

This diaper case pattern I found on Jan Andrea at Home. It's a free pattern with lots of step by step instructions. The only modification I made was to add a magnetic snap instead of velcro.

And lastly, my own creation a crayola caddy meets baby grooming kit. Used a light weight clear vinyl for the front so that it's easy to see and clean. Rolls up neat and tidy and matches the diaper bag. Too cute eh? This pattern from Martha Stewart is similar.
Hoping to make a set of these for my bundle of joy...


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