Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 40 Week Belly

Steven had to work on Monday and I was just sure that labor would start that evening. So, Katherine, Marin and I rushed out to take belly pictures. What a pair we are; my 40 week pregnant mommy hormones and an almost three year olds rambunctious silly nature. Thank you Katherine, for your perseverance and love. Life is fun.

It's Thursday. I'm still pregnant. My due date has come and gone. But Steven is home now. So we wait...patiently for Adalyn to arrive.


  1. K those turned out great and I love them all....great job Katherine!!!!!!

  2. Hey Thanks Ricky! :)

    They really did turn out beautiful!
    Krystina, you are such a wonderfully beautiful pregnant woman. I hope when I grow up and have babies that I'll just as gorgeous as you have been with both your pregnancies. :)
    I'm glad that I was able to capture your glow just days before little miss Adalyn will come to visit us at last!
    Love you all soooo much!!!



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