Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chandelier Restoration Complete!

I found two brass Chandeliers at the Catholic Church Bazaar probably four years ago. I paid five dollars for each one at the time. They've been a project I work on in stages. Feels amazing to have them finished and hung! One of many things on a "before the baby arrives" checklist.

First step: dismantle and clean. Second: rewire and/or check old wiring. Third: paint with primer. Four: Find replacement parts. Thus the reason this little project was so drawn out.

The most challenging part about reworking these little beauties was finding replacement parts. Fibre drip candle covers (that had to be painted white), bell canopies (in paintable spun brass), bobeches (huh? yeah, that's what I said) in white porcelain. Crossbars, blind pendant stems and chain. Whew!
It was challenging, but fun. My dream job: to be paid for restoring antique lights. Didn't know that about me did ya? (GRIN).

Resources for Antique Lamp Restoration:
Antique Lamp Supply
Highland Lighting

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  1. Hey folks these are awesome, I have saw them and I thought they looked really great, so ya wanna give up your day



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