Sunday, April 25, 2010

Belly Art

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Belly Art: Spontaneously created work of art derived from repeated encounters with painted surfaces. Can only be created by an individual who is "with child" and has a terrible habit of wiping her hands clean on the front of her shirt.

Nine days until Adalyn's estimated arrival date...

Ricky To the Rescue {Painted Wood Floors}

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Our friend Ricky volunteered to help us paint last week. Not only did he spend hours helping this prego paint 32 door trim boards, he came over two nights last week to paint our master bath floor. We choose a glossy, porch and floor paint from Sherwin Williams. The color is Folkstone and it's beautiful! Ricky was tedious and the paint looks beautiful! One more coat and the floor will be ready for the tub and fixtures to be installed. Thank you, Ricky for giving of your time and talents. There is nothing like a friend getting involved in our projects to give us a new spurt of energy!

Steven painted the small bathroom floor with a red, glossy, porch and floor paint made by Glidden. It's a tad shinier than the Sherwin Williams and I think it goes well with the Spun Sugar color in the bath and the Wicker color in the bedroom.

Hoping we like these painted floors for the bathroom. I think they are unique and I'm crossing my fingers that they are simple to keep clean.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Baby Shower Brunch

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Two weeks ago today, a group of my best friends hosted the most scrumptious baby shower brunch in honor of baby Adalyn. Above is a shot of those special gals. (I'm the one with the 36 week baby belly...tee hee hee). The food, not only gorgeous was soooooo yummy I think every guest went back for seconds, which is uncommon in a group of ladies.

Below is a shot of the activity table. Guests were petitioned to create handmade onesies and bibs for the baby using iron on fabric squares, cut into various shapes. We came away with a bundle of super cute, one-of-a-kind onesies for Adalyn and guests really had fun creating them!

As a shower favor, guests were given fresh marigold flowers that could be planted. Each of the pots included a card with various quotes from my belly book. These special, small details were in every aspect of the shower. These girls didn't miss an opportunity to make something unique and personal to me or baby Adalyn.

I had to include a few photos of the various bright colored flower arrangements because they were stunning. So simple, yet full of color and they just screamed BABY GIRL!

Okay, Darci will kill me for including this one, but we just had to have a picture of the two of us going back for more sweets...belly to belly.
Most of the shower happenings took place on Leesa's back porch. The weather was perfect and the setting colorful and pretty.

I gave Marin her photo album at the shower. Below is a shot that Katherine took of her admiring each page. A special moment for me...a passing amusement for Marin.

These tiny baby booties were a handmade gift from a lady in our church. Just one of many thoughtful and handmade goodies we were given.

All in all a WONDERFUL Saturday afternoon. Thank you, Christy for coordinating such a special day. You thought of every possible way to make things, unique, beautiful and memorable.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Button Flowers

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While working on Marin's photo album I researched flowers created from the combination of buttons and embroidery. It lead me to a few ideas I thought I'd share with all of you.

Button Flower "How To" from Artsy Crafty Babe.

Button and embroidery embellishment ideas on Craft Log.

Embroidery art you can purchase on Folksy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Block Head {The Last of the Trim}

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I'm trying to keep things in chronological order with the house AND alternate between house posts and posts about life and my projects so you don't become bored with the blog (grin).

As I'm typing this message Steven is hanging door trim, but there was a lot of work involved in preparing to hang said door trim. These blocks were the last of the wood restoration. These little blocks are the base of the door trim in the house. Above is what I was doing on April 7. Bleaching and spackling and painting. Below are the finished, blocks and door trim headers.

A special thank you to Benny, Steven's dad for taking time out of his busy schedule to help hang the doors. Not a fun or easy project for two perfectionists!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Traditions {A Photo Album for ME}

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I'm my Mother's first born. Yes, that's right; I have multiple photo albums and baby books full of memorabilia. But of these many photo albums, one is most special to me. It's an album that mom made for me while pregnant with my sister Elizabeth. She wanted me to know how special I was to her and my Dad even though the new baby was getting all the attention. It's full of pictures of me as a baby with various people who were important in my life. At three years old that album meant something different to me than it does today at 30.

I love the expression of love found in this little photo album with the hand embroidered cover and wanted to pass on this tradition to Marin.

My mind cannot fathom having two children to love and hold in my heart. I know it's possible, I felt extreme love as the oldest of six children, but I worry that my relationship with Marin will change. Will she know what she means to me? Will my love spread evenly? I look forward to the arrival of the new baby, and yet I worry my relationship with Marin will never be the same. Maybe this little tradition will help her little (almost 3 year old) mind comprehend my love for her even when baby Adalyn is getting everyone's attention, but I also hope that when she is 30, she'll know how much I love her.

Thank you, Mom, for such a beautiful give of love and a tradition that I can pass on to my first born. I love you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Scented Sugar {Handmade Hostess Gifts}

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A baby shower was held for me this weekend. I knew the girls throwing the brunch would go all out, so I wanted a thank you gift that I could hand make to show my appreciation. That's when thanks to the Martha Stewart website, I found Scented Sugars. This easy to make gift turned our really pretty and I was excited about giving these little delicacies as gifts.

I utilized small jelly jars and created my own lables for each of the scents: Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Bean and Citrus. This website provided the best recipes and instruction for making your own scented sugar. My favorite concoction was the Chocolate Mint. I used fresh chocolate mint leaves from Mom's garden (thank you Mom). After washing and gently drying the leaves I simply layered the mint and sugar within the jar until full.
It's best if the sugar and scented items are sealed and stored away for two to three weeks. Once the sugar takes on the scent, the scented items are removed from the sugar.
Two jars were packaged in each of these small gift bags with a custom label and an insert with instructions on uses for scented sugar and how to store it. My only regret? Not having made myself a set of scented sugars!

Chrome Feet Make Me Smile

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Oh how I wish I'd taken before pictures of the tub feet. They were humorous. Spray painted shiny silver (barf) so for me to see these in true chrome just makes me sigh with joy. They are sooooo lovely. A splurge, but totally worth it. The above pic shows the floor color we've chosen for the master bath, the color of the outside of the tub, the new chrome feet and the cultured marble we've chosen for the shower. More sighs...

For now the tub and sinks sit in the master bath. Waiting to be installed. Waiting for their new or refurbished faucets. Below are a few before and after shots for your viewing pleasure! I love before and after moments...but I'm sure you know that by now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Decisions Married People Shouldn't Have to Make Together {Floors}


Let me begin by saying that the floors, especially in person, are phenomenal. The shine, the grain, the color, the history, the texture, the imperfections...I love them. But I didn’t come to this place on day one. Oh, no my friend, much emotion was put into these floors. Please remember one of the decision makers is 8 months pregnant!
Looking at the before pictures you can see the old floors are darker than the final product. That's due to a build-up of wax, dirt and age. In the front rooms of our house, the previous owners restored the floors themselves and added a stain to mimic that color. So, for the last six years we've been looking at dark floors. After many conversations about what we wanted from the new floors Steven and I agreed (yes agreed) we wanted to let the original floors BE what they are. No stain. We'd been told that heart of pine floors darken with age and take on a lovely reddish hue. When sharing our home with others we wanted to be able to say "these are true, unedited, 100 year old heart of pine floors," but it was a visual adjustment.
The day the floors were sealed the crew wiped portions of the floors with mineral wax to show us what the floors would look like after the seal was applied. We liked the look, left for lunch and when we came back the floors were sealed and the crew was gone. That evening was filled by staring into the windows and comparing the pros and cons of the new floors verses the old. We called friends over for their input. Steven and I both wanted the other to be happy and in LOVE with the floors. In the end, we went back to our original desire: "To have unedited, 100 year old heart of pine floors."
The scratches and dark spots tell a story. High traffic areas are darker than the rest of the floor which gives you a little glimpse into the traffic and flow that the house once saw. Being a sentimental fool, I loved that the history of our home shows in the floor and makes me daydream when looking at these areas. Did they like the view of the back yard from the office windows? Why doesn't the hall have more darkening? My guess? The maid in the house did all the work and her path was through the back rooms. This maid, will be using the hall!
Oh, and yes, that's a refinished tub and two BEAUTIFUL sinks sitting in our master bedroom, ready to be installed in the master bathroom. More to come on that topic!


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