Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kayaking the Colorado River {Bastrop, Texas}


There are very few activities I find stress relieving. Kayaking is one of those...and I love it. Steven would probably laugh as this comment, because the first five minutes in the water I'm a wreck. "Don't come near me, I'll tip. Hey! Don't leave me behind I don't know where we are going. Why are you going so fast? We have all day!" After a good 10 minutes I slowly relax...the angry, anxious lady in the orange boat becomes calm and jovial.

I let the sounds sink in. I stop worrying that I'll tip and feel comfortable with my strokes. That's when it happens. I chill. Sunshine, the sound of water, a breeze. I forget about everything that has to be done at work and around the house. I don't worry about Marin and all the decisions that come with parenting. I just float or paddle. Slow or fast.
Last Saturday, Steven and I spent three hours on the Colorado River, near Bastrop, Texas. Yep, that's right a 26 week prego spent three hours in a kayak! Other than needing an extra large life vest and requesting a bit more help getting in and out of the kayak, I felt normal.

Thank you Steven, for a nice weekend away; and thank you mom and dad for keeping Marin. I needed that float.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marin's First Theatre Experience

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Saturday, January 16, Marin and I attended a performance of “Goodnight Moon” and “The Runaway Bunny” at the Temple Theater at Angelina College in Lufkin Texas. The performance was hosted by the Angelina Arts Alliance. Members of the Mermaid Theatre put on a wonderful show. The puppetry and sets were beautifully done and Marin and I both had a blast. Besides holding her VERY OWN ticket to the show Marin’s favorite part was the “Red Balloon.” Looking forward to more of what Temple Theater has to offer in the future.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Joshua and Sarah {Engaged!}


Have you noticed a trend in the Coburn family? Super excited to celebrate with my family the upcoming arrival of three new members to our growing family. Sarah, Jesse and Marin's baby sister. What an exciting year is ahead of us.

Took engagement pictures of Joshua and Sarah on Sunday. A beautiful couple with a beautiful love. We had fun...can you tell?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mustache Madness {The Holiday Prank}

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I'm a sucker for pranks and rarely pass up an opportunity to tease or trick someone. My hands down favorite prank involved Darci Grimes and the walking track, but that's another post. I think my love for pranks came from my mom. I'm always wary around her on April fool's day. She's good. Shocking right?!

So with all of the hype about Steven's recently acquired mustache, a prank was in order, and Christmas with my family was the perfect setting.

When nearing the end of the "gift opening extravaganza" I told Steven I'd left a package in the car and kindly asked him to retrieve it. While he was away, I flew around the room distributing brown felt mustaches. He tells me he was suspicious, especially when he didn't find the "small green present." But when he walked in to a room full of people sporting mustaches, the smirk on his face was priceless. Of course everyone exploded in laughter. Ahhhhh perfect.

So, encase you have a need for felt mustaches, here is the pattern I created. We just attached the felt to our faces with double stick tape. (Click on the image to open a letter size copy.)

Oh, and since you know I'm constantly thinking in party mode. You'll love this "Yellow Party" on Stephanie Ford's blog Simply Radiant, where she incorporates yellow mustaches into every element of the party. Cute, oh so cute.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jesse & Katherine {Engaged!}


Remember the proposal at the 2009 PCP? If you thought Katherine was glowing in those pictures, just wait until you see her happy face in these engagement pictures taken in December. What fun these two are! They requested the laptop and metal guitar pictures. Perfect representations of their personalities. Can't wait for their wedding in July!


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