Friday, January 15, 2010

Mustache Madness {The Holiday Prank}

I'm a sucker for pranks and rarely pass up an opportunity to tease or trick someone. My hands down favorite prank involved Darci Grimes and the walking track, but that's another post. I think my love for pranks came from my mom. I'm always wary around her on April fool's day. She's good. Shocking right?!

So with all of the hype about Steven's recently acquired mustache, a prank was in order, and Christmas with my family was the perfect setting.

When nearing the end of the "gift opening extravaganza" I told Steven I'd left a package in the car and kindly asked him to retrieve it. While he was away, I flew around the room distributing brown felt mustaches. He tells me he was suspicious, especially when he didn't find the "small green present." But when he walked in to a room full of people sporting mustaches, the smirk on his face was priceless. Of course everyone exploded in laughter. Ahhhhh perfect.

So, encase you have a need for felt mustaches, here is the pattern I created. We just attached the felt to our faces with double stick tape. (Click on the image to open a letter size copy.)

Oh, and since you know I'm constantly thinking in party mode. You'll love this "Yellow Party" on Stephanie Ford's blog Simply Radiant, where she incorporates yellow mustaches into every element of the party. Cute, oh so cute.

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