Monday, January 18, 2010

Joshua and Sarah {Engaged!}

Have you noticed a trend in the Coburn family? Super excited to celebrate with my family the upcoming arrival of three new members to our growing family. Sarah, Jesse and Marin's baby sister. What an exciting year is ahead of us.

Took engagement pictures of Joshua and Sarah on Sunday. A beautiful couple with a beautiful love. We had fun...can you tell?


  1. Aaaaaah...I'm all googly and girly looking at these. Thank you so much for such fantastic photos! It looks as though there's no camera shyness -or phobia- at all....ode to deception.

  2. What happiness that exudes from these pictures!!! We are so excited for both of you, Joshua & Sarah. May God bless your love and His love overflow from you to all you are in contact with. Praise God! Mom

  3. Gorgeous pictures! They're all so beautiful! I'm happy for you guys!



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