Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jesse & Katherine {Engaged!}

Remember the proposal at the 2009 PCP? If you thought Katherine was glowing in those pictures, just wait until you see her happy face in these engagement pictures taken in December. What fun these two are! They requested the laptop and metal guitar pictures. Perfect representations of their personalities. Can't wait for their wedding in July!


  1. aaaaawwww......Thank you sooo much Krystina! :) The pictures are great, and you have such a way with words...I love how you put it! :)

    I'm still glowing!! :D :D

  2. I love these pictures!!! They really sparkle and I don't think that was because of the camera (although the photographer is top rate). You two have waited a long time for this wonderful day and we are so proud of you two. Boy, all the wonderful romance in our home right now!! May God bless your marriage and may you always have the deep and abiding joy that comes from love for God and each other. Mom



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