Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts

Marin and I visited Aunt BiBi at work. This was our first time to visit her at work and our first time in a professional lab. I think Marin must have thought all of Elizabeth's co-workers were going to give her a shot. She has "scrubs-a-phobia" I guess. Poor Elizabeth cried more than Marin!

We hit the pool Saturday afternoon and it was Marin's first time to "layout" and work on her tan. (Yes, I put sun screen on her). How cute is this picture of Marin and aunt "K"?
And finally, this weekend Marin went to a Movie Theatre for the first time with Uncle Josh and Aunt Kay to see the new Pixar movie "UP." Not sure what she liked more, the movie or the limitless number of M&Ms Aunt Kay gave her.

Thank you, Aunt Kay, Uncle Josh, Aunt BiBi and future Uncle Kyle for a really great, fun filled weekend of firsts.


  1. I had a blast!! Thank YOU Krystina for letting us take her to her first movie in the theater!!! :)

  2. I'm glad ya'll came to visit! I had a really good time! (except for making Marin cry...) Thank you for coming!



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