Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Porch that Faces North Street

This old house can be quite uncomfortable at times. In its current state is doesn’t accommodate large groups of people very well and entertaining guests with a table and 3 chairs can be, well, humorous to say the least. However, the front porch is perfect.

It’s our refuge after a long day of yard work. It’s a much needed sunny spot to enjoy lunch (after spending 5 hours in front of the computer). And you’re almost always guaranteed a gentle breeze when resting there. The front porch is our place to celebrate, entertain, and relax. The other evening we did all three. We celebrated the recent engagement of my sister and her fiancĂ© Kyle Kielman, we asked Ricky T to join us for dinner at the last minute (because we ALWAYS have too much food) and we all relaxed while sharing a pitcher of simple sangria.

So, while remodeling an old house has its challenges, it also has its rewards. Had our dining room been something besides our current master bedroom, we might never have found the pleasure of our front porch. Right?


  1. Well I must agree, your porch is a great place to eat out. We did have a pleasant little breeze and no mosquitos. I had a blast with Marin, I have never heard her talk so much. Us guys got a lot of motorcycle talk in. The food was great and had a blast, thanks Steven and Kry. Ricky T

  2. Oh what fun! I do miss your porch!! It is the most perfect place for memories of cool evening breezes, good food and great company and it's a great way to just pause as the busy world rolls on by. One of my most fav spots when I'm in town I have to admit =) I am homesick just thinking about it. We must do some porch sitting when I get to Texas! Miss you guys

  3. The food was excellent! and the company was even better! Thank you so much for having us over! I always enjoy a good dinner on the Evan's porch.



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