Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Breed of Termite?

The weirdest thing happened this morning….

While eating breakfast, I heard a REALLY loud cracking sound. I quickly ran outside thinking a tree must have fallen. When I went outside to investigate the noise, I found a splintered utility pole. No car, nobody around, just a cracked utility pole. I went back inside and called the city to report the problem.

I went back out about half and hour later and got a kick out of the number of guys standing around trying to survey the situation. I’ve gotta hand it to the city electric crew, they jumped right on the problem and had power back in less than an hour.
When I called my co-worker Tammy to tell her I was without power (aw shucks, a forced break from work) she jokingly said it must have been, a new breed of creosote loving, termites chewing on the pole.
That got me to thinking. Maybe a UFO ran into the pole and flew away. OR someone was hanging a yard sale sign and drove a nail in just the right spot! (I wouldn't have stuck around either.) Hummmm.......

What do you think? What's your theory? The more outlandish, the better!

1 comment:

  1. Okay I called in my secrect connection with the City of Livingston and hate to take away the possibility of an Area 51 in Livingston......sorry K. It was actually a truck pulling a trailor that hit the pole and the driver actually stopped down the road out of Krystinas view and called it into the City of Livingston Police Dept. I do however also like the termite theory lol later ricky t



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