Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg Hunt At Pedigo Park

On Wednesday, Marin hunted Easter Eggs with kids from the local moms group. We all had such a wonderful time (lots of laughter and fun). Here are my favorite pictures from the day. Thank you , again, Jennifer and Heidi!!!!

Marin was quite passive on the egg hunting field. She would find eggs and then simply hand them to other kids. Emma on the other hand, quickly grasped the concept of gathering eggs and at one point began "gathering" them from Marin's basket. She took them one by one and Marin simply stood there watching. I noticed the interaction from a distance, wondering what would happen next. It began with just a slight twitch in Marin's left leg. Little by little the twitch turned into shaking, which moved through her entire body and up to her lip...just before she burst into tears Emma offered to return the eggs. Whew! Needless to say, I was NOT allowed to remove the plastic eggs from her basket for the rest of the day. Aren't playmates fun? Thank you Emma, for sharing.

Pinecones are shaped like eggs! Who needs treats? We want quantity here people!

How cute are the bunny ears?

I think the best part about having kids is that they give you an excuse to relive the portions of your childhood you enjoyed the most. Thank you, Mom, for always making Easter memorable.

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  1. wow....this last picture of Marin is sssoooo beautiful! :) I love your camera and I'm ssooo jealous! ;)
    j/k....but seriously, you have some beautiful photos here sis!



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