Friday, April 17, 2009

Flower Show - A Family Tradition

Marin and I, along with my brother David, attended the 2009 Polk County Garden Club Flower Show and Tasting Tea on Tuesday. Mom has been a member of the Garden Club for two years now. Its been a tradition that mom and I attend this annual event, even before she became a member. Now we share this tradition with Marin. This year was especially exciting because mom won the Sweepstakes award for the most blue ribbons in horticulture. We all know mom can grown beautiful plants and flowers. Now she has a ribbon to prove it (grin). Here is her award winning Japanese Maple leaf branch and ribbons.

The flower show was held at the Polk County Memorial Museum. It was a beautiful day and a lovely location. Below is mom’s arrangement and one of my favorite arrangements on display.

After the flower show, we headed over to “Miss Effie’s Cottage” for the tasting tea and horticulture exhibit. Mom is definitely passing on her love for flowers to Marin. Hand Marin and flower and she’ll smell it and say “Ummm, pree wower.” They both enjoy Mom’s backyard and Marin insists that Grandma take her outside every time we visit.

Sugars and Sweets. Yum!

When we entered the horticulture exhibit, I said to Marin “just look, don’t touch.” She decided that the rules applied to EVERYONE and was quick to tell others, especially David, “don’t touch!”

In exchange for our tickets we were given stamps on our hand. Marin was so curious about our “colors” I thought she would enjoy her own “color.” She was THRILLED when they put a bunny stamp on her hand. She enjoyed looking at it the rest of the day. Bath time was a bit traumatic when the "color" had to come off.

It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you, David, for helping me with Marin. She really loves you!


  1. What a great tradition! And congratulations to your mom on her wins. :) Looks like y'all had a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks, Krystina! I am excited to be on your blog! My only down side to being in the garden club is that you and I don't get to go to the show together. But, I do love showing off my real flowers--you and Marin!!!



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