Friday, April 3, 2009

Something New From Something Old

Last Friday, I visited a couple of my favorite resale locations here in Livingston. I find that it inspires creativity to peruse items that other people have discarded. At times I find wonderful treasures for only a dollar! During my last visit I was on the hunt for fabric.

I came away with two items; a single panel from a set of curtains from the 70’s and a home-made “old lady” jacket (age, undetermined). When I stumbled onto the curtain panel I immediately envisioned a bag. When I saw the old lady jacket I estimated there was enough fabric to transform it into a dress for Marin. Below are before and after pictures of the jacket, turned dress.

I’m thinking it’s cute enough that it might be Marin’s Easter dress. What do you think? Is it too short? Lay some comments on me.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness Krystina!!! It is ssoooo cute!!
    You're fantastic!!
    I think that if you gave her some bloomers it would be perfect...I didn't think it was too short at first...and then I looked closer and saw her diaper! :) lol
    But I think if you tried some bloomers maybe then it should work perfect! :D

    You're amazing - I love to be able to see all of your crafts AND your amazing pics of Marin!!
    love you!!

  2. Yippie A comment (tee hee hee). Well, see, she IS wearing bloomers, but they are white, so I guess they look like a diaper. Maybe it's that her diaper is a bit saggy (blushing). Thank you for the comment. Makes blogging mucho funnero. Love YOU!!! -Krystina

  3. I love the dress! You are truly amazing! I love to see your creativity at work. I don't think it's too short, but some matching bloomers with ruffles would be fun. But I love ruffly butts. :) Darci

  4. HEY! I just sold that jacket to the resale shop last week!! :) Absolutely adorable! I love it. The design is so cute. I think the only thing that is missing is a pair of white gogo boots. That would tie it all together and distract from the diaper clad bum, right? Honestly, I think it flies the way it is. I might add a pair of leggings if you are nervous about it, but it is precious as is.

  5. Hey girl, I love it! How creative and fun. I think it will make a perfect Easter dress and it isn't too short. (She is only 20 months old, not sixteen.) It sure is nice for me to be able to say, "Yes, Krystina is my daughter." I just LOVE your whole blog. I love you. Mom

  6. Krystina, you are amazing!!! Very cute dress!

  7. I think the dress is PERFECT! And Marin looks Extra cute in it! And it isn't too short at all! I absolutely LOVE the expression on Marin's face! Too cute for words! Your creativity amazes me more and more every day! Love you!

  8. oh what fun! VERY cutsie!!!! i love it - you are so talented lady! and not too's just perfect =) cute cute cute

  9. Well I think it make a GREAT Easter dress. I did not know that you sewed???????? Fantastic job and as usual so very creative! Ricky t

  10. very cute! love the style, with the buttons on top...perfect! :)



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