Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Motorcycle Memories

How totally AWESOME are these pics of Ricky T and Little Miss H? We hit the old Pedigo Furniture lot downtown last night and shot these. Ricky is thinking about selling the bike and wanted pictures before saying goodbye. These two look like a couple of real hard core motorcyclist if you ask me. Complete with tattoos (tee hee hee). Oh, and dont' worry. Little Miss H doesn't really RIDE with daddy and Ricky T wears a helmet when he rides. Safe AND Cool.

So what do you think? Who wants their own motorcycle pictures?

1 comment:

  1. Well all I can say is Krys is one AWESOME photographer and you would be a fool not to let her take your pictures. We had a blast doing the shoot. I think little Ms. H? looks pretty tough with that tattoo. She says she will never get a real one though, I told her those needles hurt pretty bad. THANKS K for a great job, r



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