Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Scoop Number Two {Baby Shower}

The shower for Dan and Darci was a success! The colors were red and turquoise to match the invitations. We used a beach patio umbrella inside to give the atmosphere of a hot summer day. I made the polka dot garland by stitching the paper circles together with my sewing machine. Simple and cute!

Darci's sister Annie made this adorable diaper cake. It was a big hit. Cute and useful.

Since the invitations said that the "Grimes Family Cone is Growing" I thought it would be fun to create an actual family cone. So, I took the name and birth month and year of every member of their immediate families and created a cone. The scoops of ice cream were Jami and Mikayla. It really turned out cute and could be applied to any family. A unique take on the "family tree."

The local ice cream parlor was accommodating and everyone enjoyed the flavorful ice cream. Each shower guest was given "two scoops" of any flavor to match the "Sweet Scoop Number Two" theme.
As a shower activity, guests were given blank thought bubbles and asked to write a "thought" to Mikayla. Everyone had fun with the idea. Below are a few from the evening.


  1. Love it! Great idea Krystina! You and Darci are adorable with your short hair cuts. I wish I could look that sassy. But alas, I would just look like a pre-teen boy. :)



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