Saturday, July 31, 2010

Custom Medicine Cabinets

My favorite resource for vintage hardware and lighting is Rejuvination. If you know about my secret desire to make a living restoring old light fixtures, you understand why I love their catalogs so much. So, when it came time to buy light fixtures for our bathroom, I immediately when to their website. We purchased the Rufus fixture in white porcelain.

Steven was reluctant to have medicine cabinets above our sinks, but after much discussion about storage we agreed, they would be useful. Having come to this decision later in the game, we couldn’t accommodate recessed medicine cabinets so ours have to be wall mounted. We decided this would work well with our shelf back sinks, but were worried that if we mounted our new wall mounted Rufus fixtures above the wall mounted medicine cabinets, there would be an awful shadow; thus the Custom Medicine Cabinet concept. Steven came up with the idea of mounting the light ON the cabinet.

Using an old medicine cabinet that we removed from the old bathroom, and the new cabinets we purchased from Pottery Barn as inspiration we came up with this design.

We’ve visited with a carpenter about building them for us and are in the process of choosing the type of wood and mixing just the right wood stain concoction. We’ll be using the beveled glass from the old cabinets as well as the hinges and knobs.

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