Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reality...The Party that Never Was

So I went back and forth about posting this, but decided in the end I should. I was happy with the way we celebrated Marin's third birthday, I think it's something she'll remember for a long time. However, encase you were wondering, yes, I did have a party idea in mind and even had the invitation design complete! True confessions time: Poor Marin didn't have a REAL birthday party because her Aunt Kay Kay got married and her new baby sister cried ALOT and her Mommy, just couldn't pull together the energy or desire to host a party.

So, there it is. The truth. Krystina the party lover felt no love for planning a party for her daughter's third birthday. At times I feel bad that I didn't just muster up the energy and make it happen and then other times I tell myself there will be more birthdays. But what does this mean for our future? With each child will I have less energy? Will Marin even HAVE a 16 birthday party? Who knows.

Above is the invitation design for the Party That Never Was. It was just so adorable I had to share it. My good friend Cole created the illustration of Marin and I think it's perfect.

(To Marin: Mommy loves you so much. I'm sorry we didn't have a real birthday party for you. I hope that your time with Daddy at the Fire fire fire house will be a memory you'll enjoy. Here's to many, many parties in our future. Forgive me?)


  1. Krystina, those first birthday parties are more for the parents in the present and picture memories later for the kids. It sounds like Marin had a great time at the firehouse and special memories like that always trump party memories. :) There's no question that you're a great Mom!!!

  2. Oh, Krystina!!! This post made me smile--we've all been there. But, the truth is, Marin won't remember NOT having a "real" party and she may not even remember the firehouse..but I guarantee she will remember fun times with a SISTER!!!! You've given her a FAR better present than anything else. I think it is a shame more people in the world don't give parents like us better advice concerning the things we "need" to provide our children. There is my lecture for today..possibly more for my own benefit than yours. haha! I miss you :(



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