Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Old House Update: Daddy's Helper

January first was a fresh start on house work. Nothing much happens to this old house during the months of October, November or December. The holidays are much to fun to spend time painting. However, this year we did have the medicine cabinets professionally stained and I hope to have pictures to post once we get them hung. Just piddling with those is about all we did during the holidays.

That said, January was a VERY productive month. Steven finished ALL of the trim in the room, including the baseboards and as of Sunday, it's all painted. It's sorta shocking to be this close!

These photos of Daddy's little helper were just too cute not to share. Adalyn is the complete oposite of Marin. If there is something dangerous in the room, she goes for that first. Her next item is typically something that will make a HUGE (scary) mess. And despite being continuously told "No, no, Adalyn" she remains cheerfully, persistent!

1 comment:

  1. These remind me of the picture where Josh in diapers is "helping" your dad. So cute! So very, very cute!



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