Monday, March 30, 2009

Ribbon Wands

As a kid nothing sparked my imagination like a billowy piece of fabric. Racking my brain for gift ideas for Julia’s fourth birthday, I remembered seeing these play silks in a Magic Cabin catalog (wonderful toy resource, but a bit $$$ at times).

Not having ready access to silk and not enough time to order these for Julia, I concocted my own play toy. Play Silk meets Ribbon Wand. Not sure what to call my creation. Any ideas?

My nameless toy was a big hit at the party and simple to make.

To make your own, you’ll need: one dowel rod, eyelet screws (appropriate in size to your rod), swivel hooks (fishing tackle) and ribbon (or silk scarf). Spray paint and wooden or foam accents make the toy pretty, but are optional.

Cut dowel to desired length.
Spray paint.
Insert eyelet screw. (Drilling a pilot hole for the eyelet screw in the rod, makes inserting the screw much easier.)
Add “accents” to the wand.
Thread ribbon through the circular opening of the swivel hook and clip onto eyelet screw.
Because the ribbon I chose for Julia’s wands was so large, I simply tied it to the swivel hook.
Don’t skip the swivel hook, it really does makes a difference in the movement of the ribbon. I’ve tested both. (Now I want my own nameless toy)

I’ve done a bit more research on ribbon batons and found the Ribbon Wands etsy store and blog. She creates beautiful, hand painted wands. Quite inspiring.

If your feeling especially crafty, and are interested in making your own play silks, read Squirrel Acorns’ post on dyeing playsilks.

Marin is still a bit too young for this toy, but I thought you guys might need a simple gift idea for Easter. As always, let me know if you make your own. I’d love to see pictures.

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  1. These are of these on a warm spring day would definitely make me happy! I will be using your fabric flower idea to make some Hawaiian Hair Bands at an upcoming Birthday Party!



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