Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple No-Sew Tutu

We attended Julia’s fourth birthday last Saturday. It was a princess party and Marin was to show up dressed appropriately for the theme. This gave me the perfect opportunity to enhance Marin’s new found love for “denc” (dance). A tutu was just the thing for a princess AND a dance lover. So I began my search for a simple, child’s tutu. This simple tutu gave me the overall concept and I added a few special touches.

I wanted the tutu to be short and puffy, so it is made with six yards of tulle (2 yards of each color: turquoise, light blue and green). I measured down from Marin’s waist and decided that 11" was just the right length. To make your own, tutu, measure the length you want and then double it. This determines the length of the strip. The instructions I read recommended cutting the strips 4" wide. This was perfect. Once the strip dimensions were determined I began cutting!
Mom bought me a Fiskars brand self healing mat and cutters for Christmas. They were lifesavers for this project as it made cutting the strips a breeze. Thank you mom!

Once the strips were cut from the six yards of tulle, I began tying the strips to the ribbon. Here’s where a handy diagram is helpful.

It might be helpful to string the ribbon between two fixtures. I tied mine around the back of a chair. This helped keep the ribbon taunt.

To make my tutu extra puffy, I created two layers and joined them together at every fourth knot.

This project took me about an hour and a half from beginning to end, but has provided Marin with countless hours of fun. Make these as gifts for any girl in your life.

Please post a comment and share pictures if you make your own. Or just post a comment letting me know you read my newest post. I'd love to have your input and thoughts! Comments make blogging fun.


  1. That tutu is tooo cute for words. And I'm sure Marin will love it forever! The pictures are adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The tutu is SOOOO cute! Thanks so much for sharing the directions on how to make your own...I think I'm going to have to try this on Ema...even though she's 6 now, she LOVES to dance and feel like a princess! :)



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