Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Belly Brunch {Maternity Shower}

Photos by my lovely sister Katherine.

Monday’s Belly Brunch / Maternity Shower went well. The food came together and Tasha was given oodles of maternity clothes! Now all she needs is a belly to show off. Beth’s home was a lovely and comfortable setting for the gathering and everyone seemed to have a nice time. Tasha’s brothers and sisters put together a video called the “Joys of Pregnancy.” It was HILLARIOUS! I was crying it was so funny. Had to have been there to really get it.

The Menu
Green Chile Bake breakfast casserole
Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins
Peach Yogurt Parfaits
Blueberry turnovers
Bacon wrapped Beef Smokies rolled in brown sugar
Cream cheese stuffed mushrooms with bacon
To Drink: Peach Nectar Spritzers

We played a couple of games, a maternity version of the “Price is Right” and “What Will Tasha Do.” To create the Pregnancy Price is Right game I preselected five items that most all pregnant women use. Palmer’s cocoa butter cream, saltine crackers, Tums, a body pillow and an herbal pregnancy tea. I downloaded a product image from Google and framed it along with a brief description of the product. Below each frame was a sheet of paper where participants put their name and their price estimate. In the end, the person with the closest price (without going over) won.

The other game was a more personalized. I asked a series of 10 questions that pertained to Tasha’s pregnancy making sure to add personal details and funny topics. Each guest was given a sheet with two answers to each question. They had to guess what they thought Tasha’s answer would be. After everyone had indicated their answers we had Tasha give us the answer. The person with the most matches (Sarah B) won. My favorite question/answer was:
Tasha stumbles up on a vintage crochet pattern for an adorable baby cap. Looking for ways to pass time in during the last few months, so goes to the store and buys yarn and a hook. In the end she:
a. Only completes half the cap before going into labor but finds the gumption to finish it once baby Marsh is three months old.
b. Looks for a completed vintage cap online because she can’t seem to get past the chain stitch.


  1. You are sooo creative Krystina! You have a gift!

  2. Thank you so much Krystina! You are the greatest friend. I had so much fun and I really did need the clothes. You always make everything feel so special. I hope you know how admired you are. Love you bunches!



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