Thursday, August 27, 2009

Invitations by Mail Please

Is the mailed invitation a dying tradition? It seems the generation after me primarily relies on communication via texting and Facebook and rarely checks their “postal” mail. There are always those walking around with the proverbial “cardboard sign” telling us that print is dying. I think there is an unmistakable trend toward the digital market which excites me…but invitations?! Oh, not invitations. What happened to the excitement of receiving a personal, hand addressed invitation in the mail? Where is the appreciation for a paper that feels good in your hand? Do other people frame invitations and hang them on the wall the way I do? Okay, so maybe my appreciation goes a little too deep. But I ask you, to rally with me and renew an appreciation for the printed invitation. Savor a beautiful invitation by displaying it. Respond to the RSVP. And continue to send mailed invitations for any event you plan. No matter the time constraints.
The invitation above was created and mailed in just one day.

It’s not my original design, but my “remix” of an invitation design I found via google images. If you are interested in ordering the original invitations they are available at paper style. I hope that the designer will forgive me for the blatant theft of his/her design and recognize it simply as my admiration of their work (GRIN).

When I learned that my PREGNANT best friend would be visiting Texas during the Labor Day holiday, I jumped into party mode. I wanted so bad to throw her a maternity shower, but until the announcement of her visitation, I didn’t think it was possible. So, that, dear reader is why this invitation was created and mailed in a day. These aren’t printed on paper you want to feel of over and over, they probably won’t be framed by the recipients, and no RSVP is required, but they are were hand addresses, and personalized for the guest of honor. I can’t help but think it makes her feel special and even brightens the face of the recipient more than a choppy text message or mass e-mail. So I’ll continue to mail my invitations and send text message reminders to generation digital.

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